how do you stop your dog digging

How Do You Stop Your Dog Digging?

Dogs Love To Dig How do you stop your dog digging when after all dogs have a natural inclination to dig holes? It is instinctive behavior for dogs to dig holes. And it can be extremely destructive and inappropriate for dogs that spend a great deal of time in yards. A digging dog can...
how to tell if your dog has worms

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Worms

Dogs Have Bad Habits Do you know how to tell if your dog has worms? Dogs love to eat things they shouldn't, roll around in things they shouldn't, and in general, act like a dog. Unfortunately, many of these things can bring on unwanted visitors like worms into your dog's world.
dog breeds personalities

Dog Breeds Don’t Have Distinct Personalities

Individual dogs have personalities that can make characterizing a breed dicey. "Breedism" doesn't work .ugb-7464ff1 .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}
leaping bunny certified

5 Small Dog Breeds With A Big Personality

Small dog breeds may lack in stature, but their personalities can pack a real punch. When it comes to our beloved dogs, small is definitely mighty. They may be cute and cuddly, but don’t be fooled into thinking you have a shrinking violet on your hands. Small dog breeds have a lot to say for themselves. Those...
dog behaviorist

Giving Back

What dogs need from us This guest post is by Deborah Dobson. Deborah has worked with dogs for over twenty years and has written a number of articles about dogs. She lives in western North Carolina, where she teaches “Dog Behavior 101” classes and is currently working on a book about what her dog...
gum disease in dogs

9 Signs of gum disease in dogs

Unfortunately for our pooches, gum disease in dogs is a common condition. But it’s easily prevented by keeping your pup’s dental health in check. Because just like us, our dog’s teeth are vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up. Without regular brushing your pooch can experience a range of dental problems, causing pain and eventually tooth loss.
dog skin allergies food

The 3 Common Causes of Dog Skin Allergies

Dog skin allergies can cause persistent itching and scratching, which can make any pup miserable. But while dog skin conditions are common, there are many possible causes. Weather extremes in the UK can wreak havoc on our pup’s skin. But dry, itchy or flaky skin is often caused by allergens in the environment and diet too. 

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