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A Warm Welcome To All Who Love Dogs

Derek Collinson is a passionate Scot who loves all dogs. He's an animal communicator and healer who created the first dating site for dog lovers in the world in 2006.

Every day I look forward to going for a walk with a friend’s mixed breed called Angus. And of course it's a real joy to meet other cute dogs and their warm and friendly human companions. So what is it about our canine best friend that brings out the best version of us and enables us to appreciate that a stranger is just a friend we do not know?

The fact is that dogs have an incredible ability to unite people and make them happy. They light up our lives with their unconditional, infinite love and literally jump for joy when they greet us. All human beings need to love and be loved and dogs show us how!

In return for enriching and enlightening our lives I believe the least we can do for our canine companions is to take care of their emotional and physical needs so that they live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives! The purpose of Waggly Dogs is to provide the information you need to provide this care. We do so by featuring articles from leading experts on dog breeds, dog food, dog care, dog behavior, dog-human relationship and many other topics.

Waggly Dogs also has an important role to play when for a variety of reasons dogs become homeless or are treated cruelly and are rescued by dog shelters and animal charities.

We are committed to helping these homeless dogs find forever homes by donating 25% of our profit to dog charities.

You can help boost our donations by buying the products we promote. Just visit our online shop here to see these products and any current special offers.

Love and light,

Derek Collinson
Dog Lover & Waggly Dogs Founder

dog allergies

Dog Allergies Can Now Be Tested For At Home

Dog Allergies Diagnosis Can Be Expensive Trying to diagnose dog allergies can be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack if you try to diagnose the cause yourself. Up until recently the only other option was to...
signs a dog is in pain

Is Your Dog in Pain?

A new book will help you answer this question. By the time my dog Ody was thirteen, he had really begun to look like an old dog. Not only had his dark red coat turned a lighter shade from all...
racial prejudice

Valuing Animals and Valuing People

(Un)surprising links between attitudes toward animals and human "outgroups" Both of these assumptions are wrong. New research in psychology suggests (and common sense confirms) that valuing humans and valuing animals tend to go hand in hand. There appear to be...
healthy weight for a dog

What Is A Healthy Weight For A Dog?

A Healthy Weight For A Dog How can you find the healthy weight for a dog? We know that obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Thirty percent of American adults – that's 60 million people – are...
the greyhound

The Greyhound And Its Winning Ways Are Sure To Delight You

Overview The Greyhound is a member of the dog breed commonly known as sighthound which includes Whippets, Lurchers, Salukis, and the magnificent Irish Wolfhounds.Retired racing Greyhounds are often adopted and make excellent companions.Used in racing, the Greyhound is renowned for...
signs of anxiety in dogs

11 Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs And How To Treat It

When it comes to our pups, we often think about happy smiles and wagging tails. But when dogs feel anxious, they can show all kinds of worrying behaviours. They’re no longer the happy-go-lucky pooches we’ve come to love. But...

Can All Dogs Swim? The Truth About Dog Swimming

Lots of dogs enjoy swimming. In fact, they love it so much there’s even a special name for it: the Doggy Paddle! Dog swimming is great exercise for them, a five minute swim is the equivalent of a 5...
best dogs for kids

The Best Dogs For Kids And Reasons Why

The Best Dogs For Kids To Bring Peace Of Mind To Parents How to decide the best dogs for kids is a question that many families ask themselves. Small children and dogs seem to go hand in hand. Boys and...
dog muzzle

Why Muzzle Training Your Dog Is A Good Idea

Comfortably wearing a muzzle is a useful skill for all companion dogs. If you perform an internet search for images of “dog muzzle,” you’ll likely pull up a collection of photos showing large, powerful dogs snarling behind a Hannibal Lecter-style...
dog health issues

Dog Health Issues – How To Deal With Them Proactively

Dog Health Issues Dog health issues are clearly something you have to know about if you are a dog enthusiast just like me. Once the playtime has ended and the water and food bowl is full your next concern is...
positive reinforcement dog training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Is The Most Effective Way

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Recommended By FearLess Pet My name is Christine Durrant, I am the Founder of FearLess Pet. I wanted to take a moment to explain how FearLess Pet came to be. I didn't grow up dreaming I'd...
noise anxiety in dogs

Noise Anxiety In Dogs And How to Stop It

Noise Anxiety In Dogs Is With Us Again Noise anxiety in dogs can be a problem now the festive season is upon us again when there will be lots of fireworks being set off. Fireworks may really frighten your...
is a vegan diet good for dogs

Canine Cuisine: “Can My Dog Do Okay on Vegan ‘People Food’?”

Yes, he can—and many experts agree. I receive numerous emails from people concerning meal plans for their canine companions. They often ask if there are any general "rules of thumb": Do dogs really need to be fed as if they're...
english springer spaniel

Breed Post: English Springer Spaniel

For this month’s breed post we have one of the most popular breeds in England, the playful and kind natured English Springer Spaniel. This handsome, lively and attentive breed has always been popular amongst hunters but their friendly and...




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Waggly Dogs will be known as the most caring online dog magazine by doing all it can to give every dog a forever home.

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Waggly Dogs exists to ensure that all dogs receive the emotional and physical support they need to lead happy fulfilling lives.

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Waggly Dogs is guided by the following principles - compassion, kindness and respect for dogs and other sentient beings.

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We are committed to donating 25% of our profit to not for profit dog shelters and dog charities that provide the love and care rescue dogs need until they find their forever homes.

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You can make the relationship with your dog stronger. Find out how to really make a heart to heart connection with your best friend with our expert dog-human relationship articles.

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Want to know how to create a happy fulfilling life for your dog?

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Jessica Pierce, Ph.D


Jessica specialises in the ethics of keeping pets and is a respected author for Psychology Today. Her 2009 book Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, written in collaboration with cognitive ethologist Marc Bekoff, builds a scientific case that nonhuman animals exhibit a broad range of prosocial behaviors, including empathy, cooperation and fairness.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D


Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D is an internationally renowned biologist who has conducted research into and writes about the unexplained power of animals and his research into the existence of animal telepathy.

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D

Biologist, ethologist and behavioural ecologist

Marc is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He offers unique insights into the relationship between humans and their companion dogs on a deep emotional level and has his articles regularly published on Psychology today.

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