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Our Vision

Waggly Dogs will be known as the most caring online dog magazine by doing all it can to give every dog a forever home.

Our Mission

Waggly Dogs exists to ensure that all dogs receive the emotional and physical support they need to lead happy fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Waggly Dogs is guided by the following principles - compassion, kindness and respect for dogs and other sentient beings.

Dog Rescue

We are committed to donating 25% of our profit to not for profit dog shelters and dog charities that provide the love and care rescue dogs need until they find their forever homes.

Heart To Heart

You can make the relationship with your dog stronger. Find out how to really make a heart to heart connection with your best friend with our expert dog-human relationship articles.

Expert Advice

Get the facts from our dog-savvy authors. Find out about the human-dog relationship, dog emotions, dog breeds, dog behaviour, dog communication, dog nutrition, dog training and dog care.

Want to know how to create a happy fulfilling life for your dog?

These leading experts can show you how!

Jessica Pierce, Ph.D


Jessica specialises in the ethics of keeping pets and is a respected author for Psychology Today. Her 2009 book Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals, written in collaboration with cognitive ethologist Marc Bekoff, builds a scientific case that nonhuman animals exhibit a broad range of prosocial behaviors, including empathy, cooperation and fairness.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D


Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D is an internationally renowned biologist who has conducted research into and writes about the unexplained power of animals and his research into the existence of animal telepathy.

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D

Biologist, ethologist and behavioural ecologist

Marc is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He offers unique insights into the relationship between humans and their companion dogs on a deep emotional level and has his articles regularly published on Psychology today.