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raw food diet for dogs

Raw Food Diet For Dogs: A Balanced View

Raw Food Diet For Dogs? Have you heard of a raw food diet for dogs? Dog lovers and general pet lovers alike pay close attention to what comes into their beloved pets' mouths. What you feed your dog is basically the most important thing you should be mindful of when owning one. Dogs Are Carnivores Dogs are naturally and biologically carnivores....
food aggression in dogs

Food Aggression In Dogs And How You Can Stop It

Food Aggression In Dogs Is A Common Problem A lot of dog owners really love feeding time. Dogs know when feeding time is, and they are very demonstrative about how happy they are when feeding time comes around. While all dogs are happy about the prospect of being fed though, some dogs tend to behave quite aggressively once their food...
how to look after a dog

Are You Really Sure You Want to Share Your Life With a Dog?

A wish list about ethics and etiquette dogs would like guardians to follow. You can't love a dog too much I recently did an interview with Channel 9 news in Denver, Colorado for what they called "woof week." I talked about what humans need to do to keep themselves and their dogs happy. The editors at Channel 9 did a masterful job at summarizing...
Ottawa pet photographer Beth Alexander

Ottawa Pet Photographer Creates Images That Are Unique

Ottawa Pet Photographer Beth Alexander Explains Her Pet Passion Ottawa Pet Photographer Beth Alexander service is perfect for pet owners that want to create timeless wall art of their pets that will bring joy to their hearts for years to come. She lives in a small country town called Avonmore Canada in a cute little cottage-looking home with her loving husband...
sog panic attack

Dog Panic Attack – How To Help Your Dog To Relax

Causes Of Dog Panic Attack A dog panic attack can come on suddenly and can be triggered by booming noises such as the sharp sound of gun shots, fireworks or even rumbling thunder. The fight or flight instinct kicks in big-time, but since fighting an invisible entity is not possible, some dogs will panic and blindly run for survival....

What Pet Owners and Vets Need to Know About COVID-19

A comprehensive publication from Colorado State University is essential reading. "Currently there is no evidence that pets or other domestic animals can be infected with this new coronavirus. Additionally, there is currently no evidence that pets or other domestic animals might be a source of infection to people with the new coronavirus. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated...
how to stop your pulling on the lead

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Lead

When your dog constantly pulls on the lead it can turn a leisurely walk into a battle of wills. The good news is, with some training and patience you can show your dog that walks are much more fun when they stay by your side. Why do dogs pull on the lead? Pulling is usually a sign of excitement. Being outside...
positive reinforcement dog training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Is The Most Effective Way

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Recommended By FearLess Pet My name is Christine Durrant, I am the Founder of FearLess Pet. I wanted to take a moment to explain how FearLess Pet came to be. I didn't grow up dreaming I'd be a dog trainer or a (product designer for that matter) but as a professional dog walker I found that...



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