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Petvim Boosts Your Pet’s Energy, Stamina And Vitality

Hugo - The Inspiration Behind Petvim On 15 September, 2003 I bought my beloved dog HUGO home for the first time. A 10-week-old French Bulldog, he was and is the love of my life. Hugo Collapses With Acute Heart Failure When Hugo was 10 years old and I found him collapsed one hot summers day in the garden of my South Brisbane...

Craving a Pet

Scratching the itch isn’t always the right response. Rachael had just returned to school at the University of Colorado and was excited, as a sophomore, to be living off-campus in a shared house with five roommates. Amid the excitement of a new year, though, there was the underlying angst of COVID and an ounce of homesickness. The thought entered her...
separation anxiety in dogs

Should You Say Goodbye to Your Dog Before You Leave?

Pilot data show petting or talking to some dogs can make your absence easier. Zazie Todd's recent Psychology Today post, "Should You Pet Your Dog Before an Absence?" nicely summarizes a recently published essay by Chiara Mariti and her colleagues titled "Effects of petting before a brief separation from the owner on dog behavior and physiology: A pilot study," for which only the abstract...
how to brush your dog's teeth at home

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth It is estimated that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three. This can lead to even more serious health problems including heart, lung and kidney disease. Ensuring your pet receives proper dental care from an early age is critical. In addition to oral examinations and dental cleanings...
emotional support animal

Are Emotional Support Dogs Always a Cure-All?

In one survey, 100% of people say yes. Are they right? I recently read an essay by Lily Velez called "Newly Released Study Reveals Health Benefits of Emotional Support Animals" in which we're told, "All participants reported that their quality of life had noticeably improved with an ESA dog" (my emphasis). In this piece the following data from a joint collaboration between The Assistance Dog...
Cavalier King Charles

Breed Post: Cavalier King Charles

For this month’s breed post, we have the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Known for their constant waggy tails, the Cavalier is a charming and happy-go-lucky little dog that absolutely loves to be with people and thrives on human company. The Cavalier descended from the King Charles spaniel. In the early 19th century, King Charles spaniels were interbred with pugs, which...
cat play

Cat Play Needs To Be Interactive To Keep Your Feline Friend Happy

Cat Play Reduces Your Cat's Anxiety And Yours If you are working from home, you are most likely finding yourself with more time to spend with your cat. However, both you and your cat may be feeling stressed due to the changes in schedule and the mood of the household. Let’s look at ways to help with both. Interactive cat play...


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Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D is an internationally renowned biologist who has conducted research into and writes about the unexplained power of animals and his research into the existence of animal telepathy.

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Biologist, ethologist and behavioural ecologist

Marc is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He offers unique insights into the relationship between humans and their companion dogs on a deep emotional level and has his articles regularly published on Psychology today.

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