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dog rescue

Dog Rescue Gives Old Dogs New Life

Man's Best Friend It is no casual claim that of all God’s creatures, one is universally “man’s best friend”. From guiding the blind to keeping our soldiers out of harm’s way, from working beside first responders in search and rescue to helping bring in the herd; from serving as our protectors to providing silent comfort; dogs constantly forgive us our...
rescue dog training

Using the “She’s a Rescue Dog” Excuse

Why I'm going to stop. Source: Jessica Pierce Bella doesn’t like to be touched by humans she doesn’t know and trust. When I’m out walking with Bella and I encounter other dog-walkers or run into people I know, Bella will stand or sit quietly behind me or by my side. She’s a perfect lady. But if a stranger reaches out to...

Alfie, an adorable rescue dog from Romania

Alfie is a rescue dog from Romania, he was thrown in a shelter with a broken leg when he was 3 months old. His living space was 6ft by 6 ft with dogs barking all around him. He was rescued by a kind man who could not afford an operation for his leg so a rescue stepped in...
rescue dogs

Adopting Rescue Dogs

We’re a nation of dog lovers, with thousands of puppies born every week and going to wonderful homes. But this has led to a lot of over breeding of dogs in recent years, and many dogs that were intended for good homes have ended up in dog shelters, rescue centres and charities up and down the country. So if you’re...
Newfoundland dog with owner

Is The Newfoundland Dog Newfoundland’s Best Export?

The Newfoundland is the gentlest of dogs you could easily mistake for a bear! The Newfoundland dog or Newfie as it's affectionately known originated in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is also true of the world's most popular dog, the Labrador. This is what the province's website has to say about their people and culture: .ugb-f774585 .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px...
free veterinary care

Underdogs: Treating Needy Pets in Disadvantaged Communities

An important new book looks at dogs' and cats' lives in low-income settings. .ugb-c7760bf .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}The problem of getting basic veterinary services to dogs and cats in low-income communities has suddenly become spotlighted as a major issue facing animal shelters, animal rescue groups, animal control departments, and veterinarians in the United States and abroad. Dogs and cats are "in." Numerous people...
dog dementia

Dog Dementia: What It Looks Like and What Can Done About It

Dogs, like many other nonhuman animals and humans, suffer cognitive decline. A few days ago I received an email from a friend, Rod, that read: "You've met my pal Jack who celebrates his 12th birthday next week. As of late, say the last couple months, Jack has awoken after maybe 30 minutes of seemingly sound sleep. He comes awake in a start,...
myths about dogs

6 Facts About How Dogs Think

Scientist Marc Bekoff challenges these 6 common misconceptions about dogs Humans have had a love affair with dogs extending over thousands of years, and our passion continues to blossom. More households than not include a companion dog, and nearly everywhere you go, dogs will be there too. Dogs have never enjoyed so much attention from the media, either, and books...
dogs time

Dogs Need Together Time and Alone Time, Just Like Us

It's important to realize that even the most social dogs need time on their own When a dog says, "I've had enough of you," there's no reason to take it personally or to feel snubbed It's important to realize that even the most social dogs who love us dearly and who cherish "together time" also need time on their own. We need to recognize...
do dogs hold grudges

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

They're definitely not unconditional "love muffins." "Yesterday, at my local dog park, I said that my dog, Tommy, holds grudges, but other people told me I'm wrong, that it's all about me and my reading into the situations, rather than about Tommy, and that dogs don't hold grudges." This email from Peter made me think about the general question, "Do dogs hold grudges?" There's no shortage...
how dogs hear and speak

How Dogs Hear and Speak With the World Around Them

More than 18 different muscles control dogs' ear flaps for nuanced movements. To learn the most we can about the behavior of our canine companions and what we can do to give them the best lives possible, we need to pay careful attention to how they use their different senses and what they're capable of doing. In previous essays I focused on their senses of smell, taste, touch,...
dog cognition

Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well

Research shows dogs pay close attention to different human facial expressions. In Unleashing Your Dog: A Field Guide to Giving Your Canine Companion the Best Life Possible, Jessica Pierce and I stress the importance of people who choose to live with dogs becoming "fluent in dog" or "dog literate." In addition to learning the basics of dog behavior, one area that's important for us to understand...


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