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myths about dogs

6 Facts About How Dogs Think

Scientist Marc Bekoff challenges these 6 common misconceptions about dogs Humans have had a love affair with dogs extending over thousands of years, and our passion continues to blossom. More households than not include a companion dog, and nearly everywhere you go, dogs will be there too. Dogs have never enjoyed so much attention from the media, either, and books...
do dogs hold grudges

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

They're definitely not unconditional "love muffins." "Yesterday, at my local dog park, I said that my dog, Tommy, holds grudges, but other people told me I'm wrong, that it's all about me and my reading into the situations, rather than about Tommy, and that dogs don't hold grudges." This email from Peter made me think about the general question, "Do dogs hold grudges?" There's no shortage...
dogs emotions

The Rich and Deep Emotional Lives of Dogs in 226 Seconds

A video from Animal Aid Unlimited India offers a crash course on dogs' feelings. "This is a short film that everyone can watch that shows the emotional lives of dogs. I dare anyone to watch it and still say we don't know if dogs have feelings." "This video made my cry with sadness and joy. Thanks to the people who made it...
rescue dog training

Using the “She’s a Rescue Dog” Excuse

Why I'm going to stop. Source: Jessica Pierce Bella doesn’t like to be touched by humans she doesn’t know and trust. When I’m out walking with Bella and I encounter other dog-walkers or run into people I know, Bella will stand or sit quietly behind me or by my side. She’s a perfect lady. But if a stranger reaches out to...


What Does Waggly Dogs Stand For? Our Values Here at WagglyDogs we believe that all dogs deserve to be treated with the same love, care and respect that we show to our children. All the information we provide in our expert articles reflects this belief. We recognise that dogs are sentient beings that share our emotions. So any advice we give...
dog dementia

Dog Dementia: What It Looks Like and What Can Done About It

Dogs, like many other nonhuman animals and humans, suffer cognitive decline. A few days ago I received an email from a friend, Rod, that read: "You've met my pal Jack who celebrates his 12th birthday next week. As of late, say the last couple months, Jack has awoken after maybe 30 minutes of seemingly sound sleep. He comes awake in a start,...
animal communication

Animal Communication Stories That Will Astound You

Animal Communication Stories Big Boston Terrier Mix Monty Monty was a terrified little guy when I first met him.  A big Boston Terrier mix, he had been in Boston only a few days when his owners hired me to walk him on weekday afternoons. Rescued from the southern United States, it was obvious he was traumatized. I figured he would settle...
surrendered pets

Surrendered Pets Can Now Be Found For Free

Surrendered Pets Owners Are Often Left Heartbroken Regretfully, it’s estimated that 6.5 million cats and dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year.  Many of the pets have had to be given up due to because of hardship, such as losing their home to foreclosure.  Some people become too ill or destitute to be able to care for their beloved pet...
adopting a shelter dog

Is the Trend Toward Open Adoption Good for Animal Welfare?

Should we try to make people "more adaptable" or animals "more adoptable"? In this post, I talk to Rain Jordan about the use of “open adoption” policies in animal shelter and rescue organizations, and why she thinks these policies put animals at risk. We also explore how the language and goals of rescue could usefully shift, so that instead of talking about “making...
dog breeds personalities

Dog Breeds Don’t Have Distinct Personalities

Individual dogs have personalities that can make characterizing a breed dicey. "Breedism" doesn't work .ugb-7464ff1 .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}One of the most exciting aspects of studying dogs centers on their marked differences in behavior, personalities, and how they adjust to living in a human-dominated world." A few hours ago I learned about an essay by Elizabeth Pennisi that is available for free online titled "Dog breeds...

Alfie, an adorable rescue dog from Romania

Alfie is a rescue dog from Romania, he was thrown in a shelter with a broken leg when he was 3 months old. His living space was 6ft by 6 ft with dogs barking all around him. He was rescued by a kind man who could not afford an operation for his leg so a rescue stepped in...
sog panic attack

Dog Panic Attack – How To Help Your Dog To Relax

Causes Of Dog Panic Attack A dog panic attack can come on suddenly and can be triggered by booming noises such as the sharp sound of gun shots, fireworks or even rumbling thunder. The fight or flight instinct kicks in big-time, but since fighting an invisible entity is not possible, some dogs will panic and blindly run for survival....


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