What Does Waggly Dogs Stand For?

There is no greater love than the love of a dog and Waggly Dogs celebrates that precious love between ourselves and our beloved pets by offering the following:

Waggly Dogs provides you with everything you need to ensure the health and happiness of your dog by featuring informative articles from leading experts on dog food, dog training, dog care and dog health.

Waggly Dogs enables you to discover what steps you need to take to ensure your dog is the best he or she can be in terms of their wellbeing both emotionally and physically.

Would you like to communicate with your dog? Would you like to know what your dog is feeling and thinking? Find out how you can do this by reading our fascinating series of articles about animal communication. Anyone can do this and we will show you how.

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. Find out how dogs help us in a myriad of ways with our articles about therapy, assistance and sniffer dogs.

All dog lovers love to hear about those wonderful, heartwarming stories of how dogs’ lives have been turned around by dog rescue organisations and by the kindness of others and that’s why we feature the very best of them from around the world.

Waggly Dogs features the latest dog videos too as an invaluable resource for education and entertainment with our “how to” dog videos and the funniest of funny dog videos.