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Derek Collinson is a passionate Scot who loves all dogs. He's an animal communicator and healer who created the first dating site for dog lovers in the world in 2006.
potty training dogs

Potty Training Dogs – Simple Steps To Avoid Accidents

Fundamentals Are Important This article gives a few pointers on the fundamentals about potty training dogs. Potty training your dog can be achieved surprisingly quickly if you follow a few simple steps and take the time to be consistent. A Set Routine Is Essential Make sure to give your dog a routine. Always be sure to take them outside first thing...
can dogs drink milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk? All You Need To Know About Dogs Drinking Milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk? Most dogs can drink cow's milk or goat's milk, however some dogs may be allergic or lactose intolerant. Dr. Stephanie Liff, DVM and owner of Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Clinton Hill Brooklyn, N.Y.  "Can dogs drink milk?" sounds like a simple question and in a way it is. That said, you do need to be aware...
puppy bowl

Puppy Bowl And Others: Essential Buying Tips

Puppy Bowl And Others For Adult Dogs Large Or Small Puppy bowl or any other kind of dog bowl shopping is simple really. A dog bowl is necessary for giving food or water to your dog. Available in various forms, and designs, dog bowls must be selected after careful consideration. Finding the right dog bowl is easier than you may...
what colors can dogs see

What Colors Can Dogs See Or Are They Color Blind?

Can Dogs See Color Or Is Dog Vision A Grey Area? What colors can dogs see? You could be forgiven for thinking that dogs only see in black and white. After all this is what many people have believed for years. Thanks to modern science we can now reveal the truth! As human beings we are used to seeing everything around...
Saving Koalas like this mother with it's Joey

Saving Koalas Who Desperately Need Our Help Right Now

Saving Koalas Is Vital Saving koalas from the bushfires in Australia is vital in the preservation of this endearing species. As you know these bushfires have devastated wildlife and their habitat and none more so than the Koalas in South Australia. Have you seen the TV footage of the various animal charities rescuing these beautiful creatures and removing the...
is human food bad for cats

Is Human Food Bad For Cats? Find Out!

Why Some People Feed Their Cats Human Food Is human food bad for cats? Though dogs are said to be man's best friend lots of people are actually huge fans of cats. As it turns out these purring animals do not only attract rich pet lovers but also those who care for strays. With this, the rise of cat food...
how to stop a puppy chewing

How to Stop A Puppy From Chewing

Stopping Your Puppy From Chewing Isn't Easy Learning how to stop your puppy from chewing can become a difficult chore that will leave you frustrated, especially when they get ahold of your favorite pair of shoes, or they are constantly chewing on you. If you want to stop your puppy from chewing, there are a few things that you need to...
dog safety tips for the holidays

Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs During The Festive Season

Relax During The Festive Season Holiday safety tips for dogs during the festive season need to be heeded. Then everyone can relax during the most joyous time of the year. After all joy can turn to tragedy if you do not take simple precautions to ensure the safety of your dogs. Dogs Are Curious “Pets are curious by nature” said Dr. Steve...
ticks on dogs

Ticks On Dogs – Treatment & Removal

Ticks On Dogs Are Common Ticks on dogs are quite a common pet infestation among dogs. They can get these parasites anywhere, be it inside your house or when you roam around the park. There are various dog ticks treatment options that you can do to eradicate these nasty ticks from your dog's fur and skin. Treatment for Ticks On Dogs One...

Dog Training Tips And Tricks You Need To Use

The More Dog Training Tips And Tricks The Better If you are thinking you wish to get started training your dog correctly, but may not be sure how, well then, you're in the right location. One thing about proper training is the more dog training tips and tricks you have, the more you might use them it comes to dog...
child friendly dog breeds

Child Friendly Dog Breeds For You And Your Family

Child Friendly Dog Breeds How to choose child-friendly dog breeds is something that concerns many parents choosing a family pet. Below are a few breed suggestions and tips as you consider which breed will function best in your family. Labrador Retriever Labs are a very popular family dog. Generally this breed is non-aggressive, and it's playful, easygoing demeanor makes it a great...
signs of cancer in dogs

Signs of Cancer In Dogs – What You Should Know

Cancer Overview Cancer is a very alarming disease. It is life threatening so it is good to have it diagnosed as early as possible. Cancer doesn't affect only humans; it can also cause danger to our pet dogs. If we really are a dog lover and if we don't want to lose our pet, we must be aware of the...



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