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what do dogs dream about

What Do Dogs Dream About? Wouldn’t You Love To Know!

What Are Dreams? Most of us if not all have experienced dreams. But what are they and why do they seem so real? Well the ability of our minds to create these realistic stories and images that are the stuff dreams are made of is amazing. So amazing that some believe our dreams carry hidden messages, messages that can be "decoded"...
separation anxiety in dogs

Should You Say Goodbye to Your Dog Before You Leave?

Pilot data show petting or talking to some dogs can make your absence easier. Zazie Todd's recent Psychology Today post, "Should You Pet Your Dog Before an Absence?" nicely summarizes a recently published essay by Chiara Mariti and her colleagues titled "Effects of petting before a brief separation from the owner on dog behavior and physiology: A pilot study," for which only the abstract...
dog boredom

Working for Food Enriches Dogs’ Lives and Breaks the Boredom

Positive stress challenges dogs and breaks up the monotonous same old same old. Sometimes people claim that they wish they could be a dog because they’d just get to lay around, sniff, drool, play, and have food delivered to them in a bowl. It may surprise you, then, to know that a life of laziness is not actually what dogs want or need. Research...
dogs at play

Dogs at Play: Fun-Filled Zoomies Exercising Senses & Bodies

Different forms of dogs' play behavior involve a mix of touch, sight, and sound. Play is a kaleidoscope--a frenetic potpourri--of the senses Many, if not most, dogs love to play, and different forms of dogs' play behavior truly are a kaleidoscope--a frenetic potpourri--of the senses. (Numerous essays focusing on dog play can be seen here.) Play nicely draws together previous discussions of how dogs use different senses alone...



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