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child friendly dog breeds

Child Friendly Dog Breeds For You And Your Family

Child Friendly Dog Breeds How to choose child-friendly dog breeds is something that concerns many parents choosing a family pet. Below are a few breed suggestions and tips as you consider which breed will function best in your family. Labrador Retriever Labs are a very popular family dog. Generally this breed is non-aggressive, and it's playful, easygoing demeanor makes it a great...
cutest dog breeds

Are These The Top 24 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World?

The Cutest Dog Breeds I love all dogs, just can't help myself! I have to confess though some dogs are cuter than others. Take the German Shepherd for example. I met two of the most gorgeous examples of this magnificent breed outside my local supermarket all by themselves and tethered by their leashes. They looked like two big cuddly bears...
big dog breeds

What Are The Biggest Dog Breeds In The World?

Can You Name 10 Of The Biggest Dog Breeds In The World? How is your doggy general knowledge? Could you come up with ten of the biggest dog breeds in the world? Off the top of my head I would probably guess The Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, St Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog and that's as far as I would...
cuest smallest dog breeds

These Top 10 Cutest Smallest Dog Breeds Are Sure To Brighten Your Life

What Are The Cutest Smallest Dog Breeds? Here are my top ten that are choc a bloc with cuteness. Just take a look and you just want to pick them up and hug them! Choosing the top 10 smallest cutest dog breeds is almost mission impossible. We are spoiled for choice! And no matter how big or how small,...
healthiest dog breeds

Is Your Dog One Of The Healthiest Dog Breeds In The World?

The Healthiest Dog Breeds Is your dog one of the healthiest dog breeds in the world? Check out these top 10 in the world and find out if your dog's breed is included. Vet's bills can run into thousands so if you're just about to choose a new best friend you might want to add one of these healthiest breeds to...
pharaoh hound

Pharaoh Hound – Was It The Dog Of The Pharaohs?

Was Tutankhamen's Dog A Pharaoh Hound? Some believe the Pharaoh Hound is the same breed owned by Tutankhamen. Dogs do have their mysteries. Some of the more interesting ones revolve around the origins of different breeds. With the science of DNA now available, those questions are beginning to be answered. DNA identification is still a relatively young technology. The...
Cavalier King Charles

Breed Post: Cavalier King Charles

For this month’s breed post, we have the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Known for their constant waggy tails, the Cavalier is a charming and happy-go-lucky little dog that absolutely loves to be with people and thrives on human company. The Cavalier descended from the King Charles spaniel. In the early 19th century, King Charles spaniels were interbred with pugs, which...
breeds of dogs

My Dog, My Self

What does your choice of dog say about you? Are certain kinds of people drawn to certain kinds of dogs? According to a study presented recently at a British Psychological Society conference, the answer is yes. The breed of dog you own may reflect your personality. Researchers Jo Fearon and Lance Workman believe that certain personality types may be subconsciously drawn to certain breeds...
the greyhound

The Greyhound And Its Winning Ways Are Sure To Delight You

Overview The Greyhound is a member of the dog breed commonly known as sighthound which includes Whippets, Lurchers, Salukis, and the magnificent Irish Wolfhounds.Retired racing Greyhounds are often adopted and make excellent companions.Used in racing, the Greyhound is renowned for its speed and keen sight.The Greyhound can reach speeds of up to 43mph and despite a formidable reputation as a...
large breed dogs

Large Breed Dogs Nutritional Requirements

Large and giant breeds have different nutritional needs to smaller dogs throughout their lives, beginning as puppies where they have a much slower growth rate than small breeds. Feeding the wrong diet to these larger dogs during growth can cause skeletal disorders either through feeding too much (with the excessive calories affect their growth) or through feeding too high...
toy poodle

Meet: The Toy Poodle

The toy poodle is the smallest of the poodle breeds and is popular among dog lovers all over the world. Highly intelligent and eager to please, these small dogs are easily trained and make wonderful companions.  Origin  The poodle is one of the oldest breeds dating back over 500 years. But the exact origin of these adorable pups isn’t known for...
Lhasa Apso

Meet: The Lhasa Apso

This month we’re looking at the confident and headstrong little Lhasa Apso. Originating from Tibet, they were known in their homeland as Abso Seng Kye, which translates as “Bark Lion Sentinel Dog”. This breed was primarily used as a watchdog to protect palaces and monasteries from potential intruders. Ancient folklore tells us that when the dog’s owner passed away,...


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