dog first aid kit

Dog First Aid Kit Preparation In Case Of Emergency

Why You Need Immediate Access To A Dog First Aid Kit If you are like most dog owners, your dogs are valued members of your family. It is a documented fact that many have risked life and limb to save their precious dogs during a disaster. Statistically, however, it is more often small cuts...
dog allergies

Dog Allergies – Everything You Need To Know

Dog Allergies Are Challenging Dogs have always been considered a human's best friend ever since they were domesticated several years ago. They are intelligent and if well-trained, dogs can do almost anything. Over the years, reports of dogs saving people, especially children, have been all over the news. For their good nature therefore, dogs...
large breed dogs

Large Breed Dogs Nutritional Requirements

Large and giant breeds have different nutritional needs to smaller dogs throughout their lives, beginning as puppies where they have a much slower growth rate than small breeds. Feeding the wrong diet to these larger dogs during growth can cause skeletal disorders either through feeding too much (with the excessive calories affect their growth) or through feeding...
convenience euthanasia

Should Zoo Workers and Veterinarians Kill Healthy Animals?

No. "Zoothanasia" and "convenience euthanasia" should stop. Should healthy animals be killed by zoo workers or veterinarians? Many people are not aware of two practices in which healthy animals are killed. These are "management euthanasia," practiced as standard operating procedure by some zoos, and "convenience euthanasia," practiced by some veterinarians. Elsewhere, I've noted that so-called "management euthanasia,"...
Dog care from a loving puppy owner

Dog Care – All You Need To Know

Why Your Pet Deserves The Best Dog Care You Can Give As a dog lover, you understand the joy such a pet can bring to your life. You will never be alone again, and you will always have a companion who thinks the world of you. In return, it is your job to care...
how do dogs communicate with each other

Do Dogs Recognize “Dog” and What They’re Feeling From Afar?

Dogs seem to be able to perceive other dogs and their intentions at a distance. “Joe recognizes another dog from afar and knows if they want to play or are not that playful and might be aggressive” “Jasmine 'sees' other dogs from more than 200 feet and either tucks her tail...

When Dogs Play, They Follow the Golden Rules of Fairness

Fair play requires dogs to stick to mutually agreed upon codes of conduct. Just about everyone who lives with a dog knows they can learn the house rules—and when they break one, their subsequent groveling is usually ingratiating enough to ensure quick forgiveness. But few people have stopped to ask why dogs have such a keen...
how to bond with your dog

How To Bond With Your Dog Starts Here

How To Bond With Your Dog - A Message From TV Dog Show Host Donna Chicone My name is Donna Chicone. I am an author, advocate and professional speaker. I simply love dogs! Dogs are the purpose in my life. My first book is titled “Being a Super Pet Parent”.  I spent two years researching and...
glucosamine for dogs

Glucosamine for Dogs Arthritis: The Safer Alternative

Glucosamine for dogs arthritis is to used safely and effectively to mitigate the effects of arthritis on your dogs' health. Almost every dog owner will encounter the problem of dog arthritis in the animal at some point in their lives. Generally, this joint disease only becomes noticeable in the dog's later years of life.
how to tell if your dog has worms

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Worms

Dogs Have Bad Habits Do you know how to tell if your dog has worms? Dogs love to eat things they shouldn't, roll around in things they shouldn't, and in general, act like a dog. Unfortunately, many of these things can bring on unwanted visitors like worms into your dog's world.
gum disease in dogs

9 Signs of gum disease in dogs

Unfortunately for our pooches, gum disease in dogs is a common condition. But it’s easily prevented by keeping your pup’s dental health in check. Because just like us, our dog’s teeth are vulnerable to plaque and tartar build up. Without regular brushing your pooch can experience a range of dental problems, causing pain and eventually tooth loss.
dog behaviorist

Giving Back

What dogs need from us This guest post is by Deborah Dobson. Deborah has worked with dogs for over twenty years and has written a number of articles about dogs. She lives in western North Carolina, where she teaches “Dog Behavior 101” classes and is currently working on a book about what her dog...