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How to Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Stuck at Home

It’s tough being stuck indoors.  If you are asked to self isolate, your dog will probably be pleased that their human is now around all day for cuddles and treats but, at the same time, dogs dream of running in the park, muddy puddles and chasing squirrels and they can cause havoc in the home if they...
plants poisonous for dogs

Which Plants Are Dangerous And Poisonous To Dogs?

Whether you’re out for a walk, out in the garden or just around the house, it can sometimes feel like you can’t turn your back for a minute without your dog eating something they shouldn’t. Plants can be an easy target, but many garden and houseplants can be harmful to dogs when eaten. While most harmful plants have an...
dog collars

Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged?

Should these types of dog collars be banned in favor of force-free alternatives? "Collars are a vital part of dog ownership. They allow pet parents to walk their pup on a leash and they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags. However, if used in the wrong way, collars can lead to...

Using the “She’s a Rescue Dog” Excuse

Why I'm going to stop. Source: Jessica Pierce Bella doesn’t like to be touched by humans she doesn’t know and trust. When I’m out walking with Bella and I encounter other dog-walkers or run into people I know, Bella will stand or sit quietly behind me or...
dogs emotions

The Rich and Deep Emotional Lives of Dogs in 226 Seconds

A video from Animal Aid Unlimited India offers a crash course on dogs' feelings. "This is a short film that everyone can watch that shows the emotional lives of dogs. I dare anyone to watch it and still say we don't know if dogs have feelings." "This video made my cry with...
grapes and wine are harmful to dogs

What foods are harmful to dogs?

It’s easy to think that if something is safe for us to eat, it must be safe for our dogs too. But that’s not always true – a few of the foods we love can be bad for, or toxic to, dogs. It’s important to know which ones, so you don’t accidentally give your dog something that...
healthiest dog breeds

How Long Do Dogs Live? It All Depends On The Dog Breed And YOU!

Dogs, lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you're going to lose a dog, and there's going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can't...

How Well Do You Know What Dogs Do, Think, and Feel?

A crash course about how to study dogs and why it's important to do so. "I have emotions you can relate to as a human, but I need you to understand me as a dog." So, you want to become an ethologist or a naturalist at a dog park?
Small dog training

Punishment-Based Dog Training a Risk Factor for Euthanasia?

A new study examines reasons why dogs are relinquished or killed. Because one of my main areas of research interest is animal euthanasia, I am always on the lookout for articles in the scholarly literature with “euthanasia” in the title. The article that caught my eye this morning was from the most recent issue...
adopting a shelter dog

Is the Trend Toward Open Adoption Good for Animal Welfare?

Should we try to make people "more adaptable" or animals "more adoptable"? In this post, I talk to Rain Jordan about the use of “open adoption” policies in animal shelter and rescue organizations, and why she thinks these policies put animals at risk. We also explore how the language and goals of rescue could usefully shift, so...
old dog

Should You Be Present for the Euthanasia of Your Pet?

Research suggests that staying may be the better option. When that agonizing time comes and you and your veterinarian have decided that euthanasia is necessary for your beloved animal, should you remain with your friend throughout the process? Or should you say goodbye beforehand? It can be exceedingly painful even...
convenience euthanasia

Should Zoo Workers and Veterinarians Kill Healthy Animals?

No. "Zoothanasia" and "convenience euthanasia" should stop. Should healthy animals be killed by zoo workers or veterinarians? Many people are not aware of two practices in which healthy animals are killed. These are "management euthanasia," practiced as standard operating procedure by some zoos, and "convenience euthanasia," practiced by some veterinarians. Elsewhere, I've noted that so-called "management euthanasia,"...