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dog telepathy

The Unexplained Power of Animals

For many years animal trainers, pet owners and naturalists have reported various kinds of perceptiveness in animals that suggest the existence of psychic powers.  Surprisingly little research has been done on these phenomenona.  Biologists have been inhibited by the taboo against "the paranormal", and psychical researchers and parapsychologists have with few exceptions confined their attention to human beings. According to...
care for pets

Lifetime Care Planning for Pets

Do you have contingency plans for your companion animals? I have fretted about what will happen to my animals—two dogs and a cat—if my husband and I both meet some unexpected end, and until yesterday I thought I had done enough to prepare for an unexpected emergency. After all, we’ve talked to family who might in put into a position...
dog safety tips for the holidays

Holiday Safety Tips for Dogs During The Festive Season

Relax During The Festive Season Holiday safety tips for dogs during the festive season need to be heeded. Then everyone can relax during the most joyous time of the year. After all joy can turn to tragedy if you do not take simple precautions to ensure the safety of your dogs. Dogs Are Curious “Pets are curious by nature” said Dr. Steve...
types of dog collars

Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged?

Should these types of dog collars be banned in favor of force-free alternatives? "Collars are a vital part of dog ownership. They allow pet parents to walk their pup on a leash and they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags. However, if used in the wrong way, collars can lead to serious or even fatal injury." —Lindsay Lowe,...
how much do americans spend on their pets

How Much Do Americans Spend on Their Pets?

45% of Pet Owners Spend the Same or More on Their Pet’s Healthcare Than Their Own LendEDU surveyed 1,000 American pet owners to ask them about their spending for their pets and how it affects their personal finances. 20% of respondents have gone into debt caring for their pet at an average of $1,566.96. Our research, news, ratings, and assessments are...
keep your dog cool in hot weather

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

When the sun is shining it is easy to forget our canine companions can often find the weather too hot to handle. Whilst we can easily sweat to keep cool, dog’s don’t sweat like we do and instead lose heat through panting. Excessive panting (especially rapid, shallow and louder than usual breathing with their ribcage moving very fast), can often...
do dogs go to heaven

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Would You Want To Go To Heaven If There Were No Dogs There? .ugb-eb36a50 .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}.ugb-eb36a50.ugb-blockquote{margin-top:1px !important;margin-bottom:-49px !important;padding-top:0px !important;padding-bottom:0px !important}“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” Does this expression of undying love sound familiar? It was coined by the American movie star Will Rogers. As a dog lover I...
how dogs hear and speak

How Dogs Hear and Speak With the World Around Them

More than 18 different muscles control dogs' ear flaps for nuanced movements. To learn the most we can about the behavior of our canine companions and what we can do to give them the best lives possible, we need to pay careful attention to how they use their different senses and what they're capable of doing. In previous essays I focused on their senses of smell, taste, touch,...
how to tell if your dog has worms

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Worms

Dogs Have Bad Habits Do you know how to tell if your dog has worms? Dogs love to eat things they shouldn't, roll around in things they shouldn't, and in general, act like a dog. Unfortunately, many of these things can bring on unwanted visitors like worms into your dog's world. Fortunately, if you detect worms early it keeps them from...
do dogs hold grudges

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

They're definitely not unconditional "love muffins." "Yesterday, at my local dog park, I said that my dog, Tommy, holds grudges, but other people told me I'm wrong, that it's all about me and my reading into the situations, rather than about Tommy, and that dogs don't hold grudges." This email from Peter made me think about the general question, "Do dogs hold grudges?" There's no shortage...
dog psychology

As Dogs Have Aha! Moments, What’s Happening in Their Brains?

Citizen science mirrors quite a lot about what research has discovered. I receive numerous emails from all over the world containing extremely interesting stories and questions about "all things dog," many of which center on the cognitive and emotional lives of our homed canine companions and dogs living other lifestyles. I also have many conversations at cocktail parties, dinners, and coffee houses, and with...
dog pancreatitis

Dog Food For Dogs With Pancreatitis

When our dogs become unwell, it can be worrying for us pooch parents. Especially when it’s a serious condition like pancreatitis. This disease can be extremely painful and even life threatening. And whether it’s a mild flare up or severe, it’s not something you can just treat at home. It’s always important to see a vet as quickly as...