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hire a dog walker

Hire A Dog Walker The Sensible Way

Do You Need A Dog Walker? Hire a dog walker if you work more than 6 hours a day is the best rule of thumb. Urban life can be hard for dogs. Many of us keep pets in cramped city apartments and work long hours. This results in a dogs life which is a far cry from that of a rural...
keep your dog cool in hot weather

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Hot Weather

When the sun is shining it is easy to forget our canine companions can often find the weather too hot to handle. Whilst we can easily sweat to keep cool, dog’s don’t sweat like we do and instead lose heat through panting. Excessive panting (especially rapid, shallow and louder than usual breathing with their ribcage moving very fast), can often...
dog scent

Dog Scent Identity

A PetCo advertisement encourages us to,“Keep your pup smelling delicious between baths with Petco's selection of dog perfumes, colognes, and deodorant sprays.” But my dog Bella will be the first to tell you that she really doesn’t want to smell like papaya or baby powder. She would much rather smell like Bella. A dog’s scent is her identity. We may...
dog has no appetite

8 Reasons Your Dog Has No Appetite

From illness and overfeeding, to behavioural problems or a new routine, there are lots of reasons your dog might stop eating. Most of the time, they’re back to wolfing down their food within a couple of days – but we know it can be a bit worrying if your pup suddenly stops eating, so we’ve put together some of...
dog illnesses

Dog Illnesses Most Likely To Affect Your Dog

Dog Illnesses Warning Signs Canine health can be just as demanding and difficult to maintain as human wellness. Keeping your canine companion in top form requires more than just knowing how to feed him and care for him. You need to understand the warning signs for the most common dog illnesses. Lyme Disease Transmitted by ticks, this disease is common to humans...
signs of anxiety in dogs

11 Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs And How To Treat It

When it comes to our pups, we often think about happy smiles and wagging tails. But when dogs feel anxious, they can show all kinds of worrying behaviours. They’re no longer the happy-go-lucky pooches we’ve come to love. But that can be concerning for us dog parents, because we all want our dogs to be happy and care-free. But what...
street dogs

Changing Behavior of India’s Street Dogs During Lockdown

India's government has declared feeding "streeties" to be an essential service. I'm extremely pleased to offer this very valuable "on the ground" guest essay by Sindhoor Pangal, Principal & Director at BHARC, Bangalore, India. It is a goldmine of unique and much-needed information about free-ranging dogs about whom we know very little that can be applied to the estimated 700 million or so dogs who...
dog losing hair

Dog Losing Hair – Home Remedies

Is A Dog Losing Hair Normal? Just like how we suffer from hair loss, dogs too have this problem! Hair loss in the course of shedding is usual for dogs. For example, German shepherds and Bernese mountain dogs will shed more hair than wheaten terriers and a few types of Spaniels. Also, all the dogs will shed more during the...
can dogs eat chocolate

Adopting Rescue Dogs

We’re a nation of dog lovers, with thousands of puppies born every week and going to wonderful homes. But this has led to a lot of over breeding of dogs in recent years, and many dogs that were intended for good homes have ended up in dog shelters, rescue centres and charities up and down the country. So if you’re...
dog health issues

Dog Health Issues – How To Deal With Them Proactively

Dog Health Issues Dog health issues are clearly something you have to know about if you are a dog enthusiast just like me. Once the playtime has ended and the water and food bowl is full your next concern is the overall health of your hound. While many dogs are very resilient they aren't indestructible. Dog health issues can range...
why do dogs eat grass

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

There are lots of reasons why your dog might be eating grass, with just as many myths and theories about where this behaviour comes from. But one thing vets and experts can agree on is that a dog eating grass is perfectly normal behaviour, as long as it’s only in small amounts. Is my dog eating grass for food? Dogs are natural omnivores. Historically, eating...
dog and cat grooming

Dog And Cat Grooming – Tips For Doing It Properly

Grooming Your Pet Yourself Dog and cat grooming don't always have to be done by a professional. We treat dogs and cats like part of the household. And we feel obliged to give proper care and attention for them to make them look good and healthy, just like what we are doing to other family members. There are different pet parlors where...


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