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can dogs eat eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs And Which Eggs Are Best For Your Dog?

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? As well as being an excellent source of protein, eggs are very tasty and generally a very healthy food for we humans. Eggs also offer, perhaps more than any other food you can buy, tremendous value for money! So why shouldn't they be good for dogs too? Let's see what nutritionists say about eggs and...
can dogs drink milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk? All You Need To Know About Dogs Drinking Milk

Can Dogs Drink Milk? Most dogs can drink cow's milk or goat's milk, however some dogs may be allergic or lactose intolerant. Dr. Stephanie Liff, DVM and owner of Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Clinton Hill Brooklyn, N.Y.  "Can dogs drink milk?" sounds like a simple question and in a way it is. That said, you do need to be aware...
can dogs eat fruit

Can dogs eat fruit?

When you think of a healthy diet, you probably imagine one packed with fresh fruit. That might be a winner for us, but it’s not quite the same for our dogs. So can dogs eat fruit? Well, fruit isn’t off the menu altogether – packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fibre, it can be a great snack option for our four-legged...
dogs can eat bananas

Dogs Can Eat Tomatoes That Are Ripe

Have you ever wondered if dogs can eat tomatoes as your pet pooch, lips salivating, eyes up the delicious cheese and tomato sandwich you are eating? Maybe you're enjoying the sandwich too much to part with a morsel or perhaps you're simply worried that tomato might be harmful to him? Of course some human foods are poisonous to dogs and...
toxic foods for dogs

Toxic Foods For Dogs You Need To Know About

Toxic Foods For Dogs Bones Do you know the toxic foods for dogs? Dogs in cartoons often chomp on bones. But did you know that bones can be very harmful for their health? Bones, when they chew on them, munch and then swallow, can eventually puncture their sensitive digestive organs. As much as possible, you don’t want this to happen to...
grapes and wine are harmful to dogs

What foods are harmful to dogs?

It’s easy to think that if something is safe for us to eat, it must be safe for our dogs too. But that’s not always true – a few of the foods we love can be bad for, or toxic to, dogs. It’s important to know which ones, so you don’t accidentally give your dog something that could make...
best dog food

Buy Dog Food Online For A Wider Choice And Economy

Buy Dog Food Online For Your Dog - The Benefits Buy dog food online and you'll be able to choose from a huge selection of brands. You can even choose specialized food for your particular breed or even age. Choose hypoallergenic dog food if your dog is allergic to certain ingredients. Discover many dog food brands offering different ingredients so...
can dog eat avocados

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Avocados are a popular nutritious snack. Although they offer lots of benefits for us, what about our furry friends? It can be tempting to cut your dog a sneaky slice at the breakfast table. But before you do, there are a few important facts to bear in mind.  While dogs can technically eat avocado, it may not be the best...
is a vegan diet good for dogs

Canine Cuisine: “Can My Dog Do Okay on Vegan ‘People Food’?”

Yes, he can—and many experts agree. I receive numerous emails from people concerning meal plans for their canine companions. They often ask if there are any general "rules of thumb": Do dogs really need to be fed as if they're wolves? What about so-called "people food"? How about vegetarian or vegan diets? A few days ago, I received an email from Dottie...
tails tailored dog food

“Tails.com helped my dog Diesel lose weight and feel great!”

Meet Diesel 🐕 Diesel is an Australian Cattle Dog crossed with a Poodle – and he’s a self-confessed foodie! We’ve been feeding Diesel his tasty tails.com food for about 12 months now, and since we’ve transitioned he’s so much healthier – not only has tails.com helped my dog lost weight, but his coat is softer and shinier. What led to Diesel’s overfeeding We’d always...
list of foods bad for dogs

List Of Foods Bad For Dogs And Cats

Why You Shouldn't Succumb To Begging Eyes We're all guilty of it - giving in to those big begging eyes pleading at us for a scrap from the table during dinner. Fido knows just how to get you to concede, and most of us justify that a little won't hurt, or we don't even think of the potential danger at...
can dogs eat corn

Can Dogs Eat Corn And Is It Good For Them Or Not?

Can Dogs Eat Corn? Today, the United States is the largest producer and consumer of corn — and by a long shot. Corn is in the sodas Americans drink and the potato chips they snack on; it's in hamburgers and french fries, sauces and salad dressings, baked goods, breakfast cereals, virtually all poultry, and even most fish. The grain is...



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