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Dog health and dog care has many aspects. Read our articles and find out the most important aspects of dog health and care you need to be aware of! Skin allergies are common in dogs. Find out the most common causes, identify the root cause and eliminate them. We show you how. Are you worried about the transmission of Covid-19 either from you to your dog or vice versa?

Read our article about Covid-19 and find out if there is any risk.

Does your dog suffer from anxiety. Anxiety in dogs is common. Learn how to identify the symptoms, determine the causes and resolve this common problem.

Have you ever wondered why your dog eats grass or poop? We cover the most likely causes and if there are any underlying health problems.

How to Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Stuck at Home

It’s tough being stuck indoors.  If you are asked to self isolate, your dog will probably be pleased that their human is...
myths about dogs

6 Facts About How Dogs Think

Scientist Marc Bekoff challenges these 6 common misconceptions about dogs Humans have had a love affair with dogs extending...
dogs time

Dogs Need Together Time and Alone Time, Just Like Us

It's important to realize that even the most social dogs need time on their own When a dog says,...
do dogs go to heaven

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

Would You Want To Go To Heaven If There Were No Dogs There? .ugb-e5fa098 .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}.ugb-e5fa098.ugb-blockquote{margin-top:1px !important;margin-bottom:-49px...
can dogs eat chocolate

Dogs And Chocolate: What You Need To Know

Chocolate contains an ingredient that can be poisonous to dogs. So while your dog might like the look of those chocolate biscuits,...
how dogs hear and speak

How Dogs Hear and Speak With the World Around Them

More than 18 different muscles control dogs' ear flaps for nuanced movements. To learn the most we can...
do dogs hold grudges

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

They're definitely not unconditional "love muffins." "Yesterday, at my local dog park, I said that my dog, Tommy, holds...
human-dog relationship

Models of the Human-Dog Relationship

Where does dominance fit? There is considerable disagreement among ethologists, dog behaviorists, and dog trainers about the meaning...
how to make your dog happy

10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happier and More Content

We can help our dogs thrive in human environments by letting them be dogs. During the research for our...
dog quality fo life

Dog Quality of Life Directly Linked to Owner Quality of Life

Quality of the dog-human relationship is a crucial component of dog welfare. A new research article by Marie...
dog stomach gurgling

Dog Stomach Gurgling: What Does It Mean?

If you’ve ever been interrupted by a gurgle when snuggling your dog, you may have wondered what all the noise was about. 
dog cognition

Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well

Research shows dogs pay close attention to different human facial expressions. In Unleashing Your Dog: A Field Guide to...