Dog Health & Care

Dog health and dog care has many aspects. Read our articles and find out the most important aspects of dog health and care you need to be aware of! Skin allergies are common in dogs. Find out the most common causes, identify the root cause and eliminate them. We show you how. Are you worried about the transmission of Covid-19 either from you to your dog or vice versa?

Read our article about Covid-19 and find out if there is any risk.

Does your dog suffer from anxiety. Anxiety in dogs is common. Learn how to identify the symptoms, determine the causes and resolve this common problem.

Have you ever wondered why your dog eats grass or poop? We cover the most likely causes and if there are any underlying health problems.

bestf flea treatment for dogs

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs And Cats

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs And Cats? Fleas Are The Most Common External Parasite Want...
ticks on dogs

Ticks On Dogs – Treatment & Removal

Ticks On Dogs Are Common Ticks on dogs are quite a common pet infestation among dogs. They can get...
signs of cancer in dogs

Signs of Cancer In Dogs – What You Should Know

Cancer Overview Cancer is a very alarming disease. It is life threatening so it is good to have it...
dog collars

Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged?

Should these types of dog collars be banned in favor of force-free alternatives? "Collars are a vital part of...

Using the “She’s a Rescue Dog” Excuse

Why I'm going to stop. Source: Jessica Pierce Bella doesn’t like to...
myths about dogs

Help! My Dog Is Cheating on Me

The important role of jealousy in human-dog relationships. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a...
dog leash on a dog

Dog Leashes for Safeguarding Your Pets

What Are Dog Leashes For Dog leashes are not just for decking up your canine pet's neckline but also...
bloat in dogs

Bloat In Dogs

Bloat in dogs is not the same as when we feel “bloated” after eating a bit too much. For dogs, bloat is the...
animal telepathy

The Unexplained Power of Animals

For many years animal trainers, pet owners and naturalists have reported various kinds of perceptiveness in animals that suggest the existence of...
elderly dog care

Elderly Dog Care – Seven Habits of Highly Effective Owners

Dogs Are Living Much Longer Man's best friend is living longer than ever. This is due to our beloved...
dogs emotions

The Rich and Deep Emotional Lives of Dogs in 226 Seconds

A video from Animal Aid Unlimited India offers a crash course on dogs' feelings. "This is a short film that...
walking the dog

Not Just Walking the Dog

What a dog walk can tell us about our human-animal relationships If you have a dog, walking may...