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Bloat In Dogs

Bloat in dogs is not the same as when we feel “bloated” after eating a bit too much. For dogs, bloat is the...
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Does Being Itchy Make Dogs Stressed?

New research suggests that chronic pruritus may be related to problem behaviors. I have an itchy dog. Bella...

Why in the World Do People Make These Types of Dogs?

Human-centered interests in designer dogs have derailed natural selection. .ugb-3948fcf .ugb-blockquote__quote{width:70px !important;height:70px !important}
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The 3 Common Causes of Dog Skin Allergies

Dog skin allergies can cause persistent itching and scratching, which can make any pup miserable. But while dog skin conditions are common,...

What Pet Owners and Vets Need to Know About COVID-19

A comprehensive publication from Colorado State University is essential reading. "Currently there is no evidence that pets or other domestic...
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11 Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs And How To Treat It

When it comes to our pups, we often think about happy smiles and wagging tails. But when dogs feel anxious, they can...