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‘Stray’: The Fascinating Lives of Free-Ranging Turkish Dogs

Documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Lo’s first full-length feature is a masterpiece. Spoiler alert: No animals are harmed in this film, and definitely, no dogs die. That might be a strange way to start a film review, but in this case, I’m sure the filmmaker, Elizabeth Lo, will understand. She’s said that her impetus for making Stray, her first full-length feature film, was the...
Petfusion Ultimate bed review

Is This The Ultimate Dog Bed?

Why Choosing A Dog Bed Is A Very Important Decision Looking for dog beds made in USA? The Ultimate could be what you're looking for! Choosing a dog bed for your best friend is one of the most important buying decisions you will ever make. Why? Well dogs need approximately 12-14 hours of sleep per day and puppies a whopping...
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Is This One of The Best Dog Beds?

Why Your Dog's Bed Needs To Be One Of The Best Dog Beds You Can Buy Have you stopped to consider that a dog bed to a dog is just as important as a human bed to a human being? Let me explain....have you ever had a sleepless night? You know how you feel the next day. Right? Anything from...