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positive reinforcement dog training

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Is The Most Effective Way

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Recommended By FearLess Pet My name is Christine Durrant, I am the Founder of FearLess Pet. I wanted to take a moment to explain how FearLess Pet came to be. I didn't grow up dreaming I'd be a dog trainer or a (product designer for that matter) but as a professional dog walker I found that...
types of dog collars

Should Dogs Be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged?

Should these types of dog collars be banned in favor of force-free alternatives? "Collars are a vital part of dog ownership. They allow pet parents to walk their pup on a leash and they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags. However, if used in the wrong way, collars can lead to serious or even fatal injury." —Lindsay Lowe,...
dogs do go to heaven

The Heaven Of Animals

The idea for The Heaven of Animals came to me as I noticed a habit of my dogs looking into space.  I wondered if they saw beyond what I could see.  You’ll see that in the text of the book.  I’d read many books about animals in heaven, but none of them gave me the reassurance I needed. I...
leads for dogs

Leads For Dogs

There are a lot of different types of leads to choose from and with different purposes. Regular leads are typically sold for different sizes of dog (small, medium and large) and are designed to allow the dog to walk freely at heel. They will allow the dog to walk just outside of your stride but no further. Tab or show...

Petvim Boosts Your Pet’s Energy, Stamina And Vitality

Hugo - The Inspiration Behind Petvim On 15 September, 2003 I bought my beloved dog HUGO home for the first time. A 10-week-old French Bulldog, he was and is the love of my life. Hugo Collapses With Acute Heart Failure When Hugo was 10 years old and I found him collapsed one hot summers day in the garden of my South Brisbane...
ticks on dogs

Ticks On Dogs & Other Pests Can Now Be Treated Organically!

Ticks On Dogs - The New Environmentally Friendly Solution At Cedar Oil Industries our mission is to help your community become a “Chemical Free Zone”. We manufacture natural, organic flea, tick & mite solutions for pets & lawns. Our natural pest solutions are derived entirely from Natural extracts that can target and control pest without harming the environment, pets...
leaping bunny certified

Leaping Bunny Certified Products Are Cruelty Free

Leaping Bunny Certified Products From GHS Direct GHS Direct makes and supplies a comprehensive range of biodegradable and Cruelty Free hygiene products specifically made for use on and around Animals.  We have been in business for 35 years and we are proud to be Cruelty Free. We supply Leaping Bunny Certified products and are a Leaping Bunny approved supplier. ...



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