dog body language

Dog Body Language Is Misunderstood By So Many People

Dog Body Language Is Taught By The Dog Safe Workplace – A Unique Business What The Dog Safe...
dog behavior

Nailing The Walk Is Challenging And Rewarding

One of the most important yet challenging aspects of the human-canine dynamic is, in fact, the walk. This one seemingly simple activity provides...
house training an older dog

House Training An Older Dog – 3 Essential Tips

House Training An Older Dog You've Adopted House training an older dog is a more delicate process than with...
why do dogs eat poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? The Answer May Surprise You

Why do dogs eat poop? Often dog owners just cannot understand why their dog eats poop. So poop eating in dogs is...
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How To Train A Dog For Agility Basics

How To Train A Dog For Agility - Introduction Want to learn how to train a dog for agility?...
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Best Friends and Shock Collars, a Challenging Slippery Slope

Best Friends responds about their position on the use of shock collars. I recently learned about an on-going discussion...
Tony Knight

Pack Theory Is The Foundation Of Effective Dog Training

Pack Theory Antis Beliefs Are Outdated I was once thrown off an on-line chat room for a dog behaviour group for posting the comment, “A...
how do you stop your dog digging

How Do You Stop Your Dog Digging?

Dogs Love To Dig How do you stop your dog digging when after all dogs have a natural inclination...
socializing a dog

Socializing A Dog Isn’t As Easy As You Think

Socializing A Dog - The Facts About Dog Interaction Don't Expect Your Dog To Like Every Dog It Meets Socializing a dog is full of misconceptions....
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Dog Tricks: Where To Start For The Best Results

Teaching Dog Tricks Is Fun For You And Your Dog When it comes to teaching your dog new tricks...
destructive dog

Destructive Dog Preventative Measures You Can Take

The Destructive Dog A destructive dog can play havoc with your personal possession. The act of chewing seems to...
dog obedience training

Dog Obedience Training Never Guarantees A Perfect Dog

Dog Obedience Training Has Something Missing Dog obedience training was seen as a fix it all for a couple I once visited in Canberra, Australia...