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why dog training is important

Why Dog Training Is Important For All Dogs, Large Or Small

Why Dog Training Is Important From An Early Age If you're wondering why dog training is important for your cute little pooch you can find out in this article. We've all experienced it, that instant "aww" factor when you see an adorable puppy. Bonham is a German Shepherd puppy and you couldn't resist taking him home with you. When you...
Dog Behavioral Problems

Understanding the Roots of Dog Behavioral Problems

What are some of the risk factors for anxiety and aggression? Two of the most serious behavioral “problems” exhibited by domestic dogs living in human homes are aggression and anxiety.* These two categories of behavioral problems account for the vast number of visits to a behavioral clinic, and they are significant risk factors for compromised well-being in dogs, for compromised dog-human relationships,...
potty training dogs

Potty Training Dogs – Simple Steps To Avoid Accidents

Fundamentals Are Important This article gives a few pointers on the fundamentals about potty training dogs. Potty training your dog can be achieved surprisingly quickly if you follow a few simple steps and take the time to be consistent. A Set Routine Is Essential Make sure to give your dog a routine. Always be sure to take them outside first thing...
Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices

Are Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices Really Safe and Humane?

These popular training devices may spell trouble for dogs. The way we live is often mirrored by how our companion animals live. One example of this the increasing electronification of our dogs and cats. Some of these electronic pet products are arguably quite useful, such as GPS chips in collars and nanny-cams, which can reassure us that our furry friends are...

Dog Training Tips And Tricks You Need To Use

The More Dog Training Tips And Tricks The Better If you are thinking you wish to get started training your dog correctly, but may not be sure how, well then, you're in the right location. One thing about proper training is the more dog training tips and tricks you have, the more you might use them it comes to dog...
dog body language

Dog Body Language Is Misunderstood By So Many People

Dog Body Language Is Taught By The Dog Safe Workplace – A Unique Business What The Dog Safe Workplace Does The Dog Safe Workplace works with companies to reduce the risk of dog bites when their workers have to enter onto properties where dogs may be present. My name is Joanna Clough and I am the Director of The Dog Safe Workplace...
house training an older dog

House Training An Older Dog – 3 Essential Tips

House Training An Older Dog You've Adopted House training an older dog is a more delicate process than with younger dogs. If you are looking to adopt an older dog that was not previously exposed to any house training at a young age, it is going to bring along its bad habits such as chewing, excessive barking, making holes in...

Nailing The Walk Is Challenging And Rewarding

One of the most important yet challenging aspects of the human-canine dynamic is, in fact, the walk. This one seemingly simple activity provides one of the most honest and authentic pieces of information we can garner regarding human and dog interactions. What goes down outside closed doors serves as a reflection for what goes on inside and behind them.  If there are no...
why do dogs eat poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? The Answer May Surprise You

Why do dogs eat poop? Often dog owners just cannot understand why their dog eats poop. So poop eating in dogs is definitely a behavior problem. According to experts there are a few reasons for poop eating in dogs. It occurs mostly in puppies. It might be a behavioral problem or even an underlying medical problem. If this occurs excessively,...
Small dog training

Punishment-Based Dog Training a Risk Factor for Euthanasia?

A new study examines reasons why dogs are relinquished or killed. Because one of my main areas of research interest is animal euthanasia, I am always on the lookout for articles in the scholarly literature with “euthanasia” in the title. The article that caught my eye this morning was from the most recent issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: “Dog-...
training dogs with shock collars

Best Friends and Shock Collars, a Challenging Slippery Slope

Best Friends responds about their position on the use of shock collars. I recently learned about an on-going discussion and controversy about the world-renowned Best Friends Animal Society's (BFAS) views on the use of shock collars. In this brief essay, I'm quoting directly from some correspondence that has come my way to be sure I get it right. I first learned about this...
pack theory

Pack Theory Is The Foundation Of Effective Dog Training

Pack Theory Antis Beliefs Are Outdated I was once thrown off an on-line chat room for a dog behaviour group for posting the comment, “A good leader inspires trust, not fear”. I received a message from the President of the group, telling me categorically that there was no such thing as pack hierarchy. When I pointed out the irony, considering...




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