best dogs for kids

The Best Dogs For Kids And Reasons Why

The Best Dogs For Kids To Bring Peace Of Mind To Parents How to decide the best dogs for...

Alfie, an adorable rescue dog from Romania

Alfie is a rescue dog from Romania, he was thrown in a shelter with a broken leg when he was 3...

Perfect Photography Poses for Dog and Horse Owners

What are the perfect photography poses for dog and horse owners? As a photographer specialising in horse and dog portraits, I always...

Why Dogs Matter

Dogs matter because they're alive, have intrinsic value, and are feeling beings. Why dogs matter, what's a dog...
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Dog Stories That Will Probably Surprise You

Dog Stories That Are Remarkable But True Dog Story 1 For instance, I used to...
How Long Can A Dog Be Left Alone

How Long Can A Dog Be Left Alone Before It Misbehaves?

Does Your Lifestyle Look Like This? In our modern world it seems as though the media is full to...
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How Much Do Americans Spend on Their Pets?

45% of Pet Owners Spend the Same or More on Their Pet’s Healthcare Than Their Own LendEDU surveyed...
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Dog Sitters Services – How To Choose A Dog Sitter

Dog Sitters Services Abound Dog sitters services are booming. Hardly surprising when dog walking can prove difficult and time...

Should I Get A Dog? Think Carefully Before You Decide!

Why Getting A Dog Is In General A Good Idea The short answer is, of course, yes! If you...

Delightful Dalmations Jazz And Lola Are Inseparable

Jazz and Lola are two beautiful Dalmations owned by Sarah Welch who is a qualified and certified dog walker in the Sheffield...
This man knows how to take good care of your dog

How to Take Good Care of Your Dog

Dog Ownership Is A Big Responsibility Whether you already have a dog or are just looking for one,...
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The Best Family Dogs

Introducing a dog to your family is a wonderful thing – especially for children, who get an inseparable best friend for life,...