Walking a Dog Can Help Us Walk the Talk About Other Animals

Dogs can help people learn about the inconsistencies in how we treat animals. Nonhuman animals aren't less than...
dogs detect cancer

Dogs’ Noses Know More Than Doctors About Cancer Detection

Dogs are highly accurate sniffing out various diseases and outperform humans A recent essay in New Scientist by Liz Bestic called...
animal rights

Animals and Autonomy

Can this vitally important ethical concept be meaningfully applied to animals? In conversations about quality of life in animals,...
companion animals

Companion Animals Help People with Mental Health Problems

A review of research analyzed the extent, nature, and quality of the evidence For many people, sharing their lives...
do dogs love us

Do Dogs Love Us More Than Cats?

A recent essay by Elyse Wanshel, "Who Loves Their Humans More—Cats Or Dogs? Here’s The Answer" caught my eyes and those of...
dog emotions

Trainers Worry About False Claims That Dogs Lack Emotions

Confusing statements about the emotional lives of dogs ignore scientific facts. Dogs don't lack real emotions.

Perfect Photography Poses for Dog and Horse Owners

What are the perfect photography poses for dog and horse owners? As a photographer specialising in horse and dog portraits, I always...

Why Dogs Matter

Dogs matter because they're alive, have intrinsic value, and are feeling beings. Why dogs matter, what's a dog...
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Cat Play Needs To Be Interactive To Keep Your Feline Friend Happy

Cat Play Reduces Your Cat's Anxiety And Yours If you are working from home, you are most likely...

Alfie, an adorable rescue dog from Romania

Alfie is a rescue dog from Romania, he was thrown in a shelter with a broken leg when he was 3...
Houston dog rescue

Dog Rescue Gives Old Dogs New Life

Man's Best Friend It is no casual claim that of all God’s creatures, one is universally “man’s best friend”....
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Dog Stories That Will Probably Surprise You

Dog Stories That Are Remarkable But True Dog Story 1 For instance, I used to...