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What Are Dreams?

Most of us if not all have experienced dreams. But what are they and why do they seem so real? Well the ability of our minds to create these realistic stories and images that are the stuff dreams are made of is amazing.

So amazing that some believe our dreams carry hidden messages, messages that can be “decoded” by dream interpreters.

According to verywellmind.com we have 9 common dreams and you can find out what they are and what they mean here.

Dreams can make us feel sad, happy and can sometimes be very scary when they are usually described as nightmares.

Do Dogs Dream?

Have you seen your dog “run” in his sleep as if he is chasing some imaginary rabbit? Or perhaps you have seen his body twitching and making sounds as though he’s trying to bark at some imaginary foe?

I suspect most of us have witnessed this judging by the numerous videos you can see on YouTube and TikTok with the amusing antics of dogs who appear to be dreaming.

There is much scientific evidence to support this too. Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia and the author of “Do Dogs Dream? Nearly Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know” endorses this.

At the structural level, the brains of dogs are similar to those of humans. Also, during sleep, the brain wave patterns of dogs are similar to that of humans and go through the same stages of electrical activity observed in humans, all of which are consistent with the idea that dogs are dreaming. Stanley Coren PhD., DSc, FRSC

What Do Dogs Dream About?

In a way it comes as no surprise that just like humans dogs live out their daily lives and experiences in their dreams.

What we’ve basically found is that dogs dream doggy things. So pointers will point at dream birds and Dobermans will chase dream burglars. The dream pattern in dogs seems to be very similar to the dream pattern in humans. Stanley Coren PhD., DSc, FRSC

This means that you can pretty much tell what your dog is dreaming about by the behavior of the breed and it’s daily experiences whether that’s at home or on a walk.

If you’d like to find out more about doggy dreams I recommend you try the following resources:

What Does Your Dog Dream About?

Why not share what your dog dreams about with our other readers using our comments box below. Just observe their dream actions and “translate” them into the things he does each day at home or whilst out for a walk.

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