how to understand your dog

How to understand your dog needn’t be restricted to observing and understanding what his behavior tells us about his emotional and physical health. Nowadays there is much anecdotal and indeed scientific evidence to support the view that we can communicate with our dog and often unwittingly do so using the power of telepathy. Not convinced? Well first of all I’d like to refer to my personal experience of this awesome power that I believe all animals, including human beings, possess.

The Animal Communication Workshop

This was a wonderful (and I mean that in the true sense of the word) workshop conducted by Holly Davis which I attended a few years ago. Like many animal lovers I had a strong desire to talk to the animals having been fascinated by Dr. Doolittle’s ability to talk to the animals way back. In particular I wanted to be able to communicate better with Findlay, my Italian Spinone, a breed which can be quite difficult to understand because of their buffoonery – a Spinone trait which I absolutely adore!

So as you can imagine I was very excited at the prospect of learning this new language which I had assumed would be all about body language. Of course I should have known better than to make an assumption – after all, as a Sales Training Manager I often used the mnemonic ass/u/me to point out the folly of making assumptions!


My Miraculous Experience

So the day of the workshop dawned and sitting in front of me was the Workshop facilitator Holly Davis waxing lyrical about communicating with your dog, horse, cat, or indeed any animal telepathically. At that point I was thinking “this woman is crazy but I’ve paid for the Workshop so I might as well stay and be entertained!”

Well as things turned out I was about to be entertained in a way I would not have imagined possible!

The “Guessing” Game

First of all Holly asked us to pair up with another Workshop attendee. Then she asked everyone to “picture” something in their mind’s eye and invite the other person to “guess” what they had in mind. I was the first to try and guess – a blue vase with a yellow flower – well I was absolutely astounded as was the woman I was with to discover I was 100% right.

Then just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke I was asked to “guess” for a second time and although I didn’t get it 100% right the second time I was very close. I thought it was a gift in a box that was tied in a criss-cross way with decorative tape. It was in fact the Union Jack so not quite the right “guess.”

Anyway the truth was everyone was able to read the minds of other people on the course which to me seemed absolutely miraculous. And things got even more miraculous later as we were asked to swap pictures of our pets to enable us to “guess” their physical and emotional state and any foibles they had. Well surprise, surprise 90% of the time people were “guessing” right.


My Enlightenment and a Final Surprise

Based on my experiences I was convinced by the end of the workshop that every animal has an innate ability to communicate telepathically and it made me realise that just because we don’t understand how something works doesn’t mean to say that we should dismiss it!

Two weeks after the Workshop I was on the phone to Holly who said she had been talking to her horses and that they thought I should be working with animals! Did I think that she was crazy? Not any more!

Calling All Sceptics

If you remain sceptical about the ability of animals to communicate telepathically may I suggest you look at the scientific evidence beginning with this excellent article by the highly respected biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake entitled The Unexplained Power of Animals?


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