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The Cutest Dog Breeds

Choosing the cutest dog breeds is so difficult. You see I love all dogs, just can’t help myself! I have to confess though some dogs are cuter than others. Take the German Shepherd for example. I met two of the most gorgeous examples of this magnificent breed outside my local supermarket all by themselves and tethered by their leashes. They looked like two big cuddly bears and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why their owners had left them by themselves. Dogs are often stolen when left like this so why take a chance with these two cuties?

Why It’s So Difficult To Choose The Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

The American Kennel Club recognizes 202 dog breeds, The Kennel Club 211, and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale 344. This means that with so many breeds to set your heart on, choosing the cutest dog breeds is a difficult, well nigh impossible task. In addition some of the cutest dogs in the world are hybrids; such as the Cockapoo and Labradoodle! In fact all dog breeds are the result of human creation so who knows what breed will be officially recognised next?

So from the teeny weeny Chihuahua whose bark is definitely worse than his bite to the chilled out Great Dane – the tallest dog in the world I think any dog lover would agree that all dogs have cuteness built in. And to make it even more difficult to choose, each dog breed has certain personality traits and even within each breed it’s own distinct personality.

Anyway I will attempt the impossible so for what it’s worth here are my 24 cutest dog breeds in the world…………..

Slide 4 - Rottweiler

The Rottweiler, sometimes referred to as the Rottie is an affectionate, loyal dog - at least with his family.
They usually choose a favorite person in the family and follow them everywhere. In my view this trait alone makes them so so cute not to mention their stunning good looks.

Slide 1 - Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier or JRT as they are affectionately known is a born hunter with cuteness built in. They can be stubborn and aggressive towards other dogs. On the plus side they make great guard dogs and are very loyal and very happy when given a task to do.

Slide 6 - Bernese Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the best things Switzerland is renowned for along with fondues, watches, cuckoo clocks and William Tell. It started and continues it's life as a working dog and makes a cute, lovable and loyal companion dog too!

Slide 3 - Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd

Of all the herding dogs, many would argue that the Australian wears the crown! Despite its name the Australian Shepherd was created in the USA. Anid is the Australian Shepherd cute? Take a look at this image and judge for yourself.

Slide 7 - Golden Rretriever
Golden Retriever

Why is the Golden Retriever an all time favorite breed? If you have ever owned or known one you won't need an answer to this question! The fact is the Golden Retriever loves everybody including children and other dogs. It is the perfect family pet!

Slide 5 - Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

What could be more cute than a dog that talks? You may have seen those clips on YouTube or TikTok featuring "talking" Huskies. A word of warning though they also like to walk - a lot! So unless you're an energetic fit person this breed is definitely NOT for you since they need a lot of attention and exercise!

Slide 8 - Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is the result of breeding a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. They vary in size depending on whether the Poodle used for breeding was a toy, miniature or standard. Regardless of size they are very affectionate, super intelligent, high energy dogs that just want to play and have fun!

Slide 9 - Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel

Easy going, gentle and affectionate with everybody, the Cocker Spaniel has a similar disposition to the hybrid Cockapoo though perhaps a little less mischievous than the Cockapoo!

Slide 10 - West Highland Terrier
West Highland Terrier

The way a West Highland Terrier walks says it all - confident, solid and above all else a joy to behold. I defy anyone to look at a Westie and not think they are one of the cutest dogs they have ever seen. They are not good with other small pets though such as rabbits and can be stubborn so good training is essential.

Slide 11 - Gordon Setter
Gordon Setter

An unbelievably stunning breed, the Gordon Setter with it's tan and black silky smooth coat and aristocratic air is cuteness personified. The Duke of Gordon must have been so proud when he developed this breed.

Slide 12 - Labradoodle

Think about all you admire about the Labrador and Poodle and that's what you get in the Labradoodle!
They are good with family members, children and other pets and just love to play! Like the Labrador they are excellent swimmers. They were "invented" in Australia where they were specifically bred as hypoallergenic guide dogs.

Slide 13 - St Bernard
Saint Bernard

The St Bernard is a gentle giant who loves everyone and other dogs. The St Bernard endears itself to many with its calm and patient temperament and is makes a great companion dog.

Slide 14 - Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie

Bred for their ability as a herding dog, more often than not they are now kept as companion dogs - something they excel at because they are so happy and loving with a tail that never seems to stop wagging!

Slide 17 - English Setter
English Setter

Sensive, warm and friendly with people and other dogs, the English Setter is as good in temperament as it is in sheer good looks. A placid, mild mannered dog that is one of the best companion dog that also loves children.

Slide 16 - English Pointer
English Pointer

The English Pointer has energy a plenty and can be a trifle stubborn. If bred from a gun dog line they are not suitable as pets. However nowadays most are bred as companion or show dogs and as such they make good family pets provided they get enough exercise.

Slide 18 - Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese Water Dog

This is Bo, Barack Obama's Portuguese Water Dog , seen here on the lawn in front of the White House.
Bo was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy to Obama in 2009. Obama had promised his daughters he would get them a hypoallergenic dog - great choice!

Slide 20 - Briard

The Briard is a highly intelligent dog breed that needs lots of different activities if it's not to become destructive. Provided it is socialised from an early age it can coexist with other family dogs and cats.
They are quite independent so need training if they are to be obedient.

Slide 19 - Italian Spinone
Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone like so many other dog breeds was initially bred solely as a hunting dog. Today though you're more likely to see this breed used as a loyal, loving, companion dog whose big brown eyes will enchant the hardest of hearts. Spinones just love to fool around - the ultimate buffoon!

Slide 15 - Norfolk Terrier
Norfolk Terrier

The perfect choice for anyone looking for a lap dog, the Norfolk Terrier may be one of the smallest terriers around but they are also one of the strongest and most resilient. Thus they can put up with boisterous children.

Slide 22 - Newfoundland

A friendly and protective disposition , makes the Newfoundland a great companion dog for any family. They do need daily exercise and plenty of space so the breed is definitely not suitable for flat or apartment dwellers.

Slide 21 - Springer Spaniel
Springer Spaniel

You will appreciate the aptness of this breed's name when you see it running through a field of long grass. why? Well the Springer Spaniel has a habit of jumping up to check on its owner's position as it runs through long grass as if it has springs attached to its paws!

Slide 23 - Beagle

The Beagle was originally bred for hunting as a scent hound. Its new role as a companion animal is one it relishes. This is because It loves being around the family and taking part in activities. The Beagle is happy with city or country living as long as it gets enough exercise and is not left at home alone.

Slide 24 - Mixed Breed
Mixed Breed

Many dogs find themselves homeless and end up in dog shelters. The majority of these dogs are mixed breeds and as you can see by this picture they are some of the cutest dogs you will find. So if you are thinking of sharing your life with a dog please consider giving a rescue dog its forever home.

Slide 2 - German Shepherd
German Shepherd

If you're looking for affection and protection the German Shepherd, often referred to as the GSD is for you. Added to which they are stunningly beautiful and with their large pointed ears as a cute as nay dog you'll see!

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Have We Missed Out Your Cutest Dog Breed?

Should we have included your dog’s breed in our top 24?

Please let us know if you believe your dog’s breed is worthy of being included in our cutest dog breeds list and tell us why. Feel free to use the comments box at the bottom of our article for this purpose and if you like add an image of your dog for all our readers to appreciate.

Derek Collinson
Derek Collinson is a passionate Scot who loves all dogs. He's an animal communicator and healer who created the first dating site for dog lovers in the world in 2006.
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