How To Bond With Your Dog – A Message From TV Dog Show Host Donna Chicone

My name is Donna Chicone. I am an author, advocate and professional speaker. I simply love dogs! Dogs are the purpose in my life. My first book is titled “Being a Super Pet Parent”.  I spent two years researching and writing this book. I had a TV show about dogs that ran 48 episodes for four years. My Portuguese water dog “Jazz” was my co-host. When my second dog “Jive” came along 4 years later, she joined us on the set as well. The transition form the TV show to writing my books was a natural one. Jazz and Jive were my best friends and beloved members of my family. They were also my business brand. I am saddened to say that in January of this year both Jazz and Jive crossed over. My heart is so very sad and my house is so empty. I lived the journey with these two wonderful dogs from the time they were 9 ½ weeks old until ages almost 11 and 15 years. They taught me so much about dogs and our relationship with them. Needless to say they have left huge paw prints on my heart!

My messaging about dogs ranges from what motivates us to want a dog, how do we find a dog that fits our lifestyle, how to prepare for a dog, what to feed a dog, establishing and maintaining good health care with a veterinarian, exercise, training, socialization, and the list goes on and on to when we need to say goodbye.

Dogs Have Emotions Just Like Us

The message I focus on a lot is the sentient quality of dogs. Actually all animals are sentient, but dogs are my focus. Dogs experience emotions and dogs express emotions. When a pet parent can embrace this quality about their dog and engage their dog, the bond will develop even deeper between them. A pet parent who engages their dog on this level knows when their dog is smiling and happy, when he may be anxious or even fearful and when he is bored. Relating to your dogs feelings builds trust and respect between the two of you.

Dogs Are Members Of The Family

I also believe dogs are a member of the family. Many pet parents would agree with this. When I visit a home with a dog and see a toy box or toy basket chock full of toys and the dog knows they are his; when a dog has his own place to sleep and eat and a designated space outside, preferably a yard if possible; when a dog is trained and socialized and knows how to live comfortably in our human world, then I know the dog is truly a member of the family.  

How To Bond With Your Dog Using 30 Promises

I wrote my second book “Pet Parent Pawffirmations” to be 30 promises from pet parents to their dogs.  All the promises are based on love and facts, like commitments to training, socialization and all the basic physical and emotional needs dogs have. I call it my little book of love and I was truly inspired by my dogs to write this book.

Dogs inspire me to live and love and to write about them. I am now thinking about bringing two new dogs into my life and family. As I do this, I am thinking I will need to rescue older dogs because a puppy will likely out live me. Finding ways to engage older dogs will be another journey for me. Jazz and Jive developed every day with me since they were 9 ½ weeks old. We moved from obedience training to therapy work, agility, and the sport of canine nose work. It was all a natural progression we grew into together. This will definitely happen with two other dogs in my life, but it will be a different journey and one I am looking forward to.

Many pet parents face this challenge when they adopt or rescue a dog. I am looking forward to learning what makes the new dogs in my life happy and motivated. What will we be doing together?  How will our relationship develop?  There is so much joy having a dog in ones life.  I am truly grateful and blessed and hopeful I will be “with dogs” again soon.

Woofs & Smiles,




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