Noise Anxiety In Dogs And How to Stop It

noise anxiety in dogs

Noise Anxiety In Dogs Is With Us Again

Noise anxiety in dogs can be a problem now the festive season is upon us again when there will be lots of fireworks being set off. Fireworks may really frighten your dog and we don’t have time now before it all starts to properly desensitise him to them. So I’ll give you some tips to help him cope…

How To Help Your Dog Cope With Noise Anxiety

  1. Lots and lots of exercise, early in the day. If he’s skittish and may run off a lunging line or long training lead is very inexpensive and a lifesaver. I would try to exercise early afternoon again if possible, so he’s a really tired boy.
  2. Make his crate into a den with a nice thick blankets around 3 sides and covering the top. This will give him somewhere to go to hide from the noise.
  3. Close your blinds and curtains he won’t be able to see the flashes and it may also help block out some of the sounds.
  4. Turn up your volume on the tv to help block out the fireworks noise.
  5. Have someone stay home with him during the fireworks, he will feel better if someone is there. Act normally when fireworks go off and if he starts to show he’s afraid please don’t comfort him. This will reinforce the fearful behaviour. Try engage him in play (distract him) or encourage him to go into his den (crate).
  6. And if he really must go out to toilet during the fireworks keep him on a lead, straight out in the garden and back in again.
  7. Maybe consider a thunder shirt or a half wrap using a scarf.

Please stay safe, keep your pets safe. For advice on proper desensitisation email me here Why not join my Good Karma, Dog Behaviour Services Facebook Group for the latest news, events and members dog pictures and videos.

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