can dogs eat eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

As well as being an excellent source of protein, eggs are very tasty and generally a very healthy food for we humans. Eggs also offer, perhaps more than any other food you can buy, tremendous value for money! So why shouldn’t they be good for dogs too? Let’s see what nutritionists say about eggs and their nutritional value as part of a healthy, balanced diet!

Are All Eggs Equal?


Yes, broadly speaking they are the same. The most notable differences are of course in their size and in their relative amounts of calories, fat and protein as this infographic shows.

You could say that eggs are a complete food. Why? Well apart from the protein content they are rich in amino acids and fatty acids. Also they contain vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

Are Eggs Good For Dogs?


Yes they are as occasional treats or to augment their everyday diet. Like any treats, give your dog too many and they will become obese! Eggs are also the perfect food to give your dog if he has an upset tummy since they are easy to digest and help to settle things down.

What’s The Best Way To Serve Them?

As for humans the healthiest way to serve them to your dog is boiled, poached or scrambled. You should never give them raw eggs to avoid the risk of your dog catching salmonella.

Which Eggs Are Best?

If you can afford the extra expense go for organic everytime, followed by free range. I would never give my dog human food I wouldn’t eat myself. In this case I would avoid giving him eggs from battery hens such as you can buy in your local supermarket. Instead buy from one of the smaller specialist organic shops or farm shops.

Do You Give Your Dog Eggs?

Eggs, especially organic are great as an occasional treat to give your best furry friend. They are also gentle on the stomach when your dog is suffering from a stomach upset and needs something to settle his stomach.

Do you ever give your dog an egg treat? Please let our other readers know by using our comments box below.



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