Fleas On Dogs And Humans Can Be Prevented Safely






Fleas On Dogs Can Come From Lawns And Backyards

Fleas on dogs now the warm weather’s here are becoming increasingly common.So too are ticks.  You can protect your pets, family, and your home from these troublesome pests without the use of Toxic pesticides. In addition to preventing harmful bites, regularly applying non-toxic repellents to you and your fur babies will keep fleas and ticks from hitching a ride into your yard and home. If there are fleas and ticks in your lawn, your family or pets are going to get bitten. Monthly pet-safe lawn treatments are essential to controlling unwanted bug populations. Periodically treating pet bedding, kennels, and other pet spaces with a natural & safe solution will help keep your home flea and tick-free.

As responsible pet parents, we try to give our animals the best lives possible. We feed them awesome food, we entertain them with outdoor activities, treats and toys, and we try to protect them from harmful annoyances like fleas and ticks. But, what many pet parents don’t consider when it comes to their pet and it’s arguably the most impactful: lawn & garden chemicals.

Traditional Outdoor Pesticides Can Prove Fatal To Your Pet

Consequently, chemical-based lawn care products present a unique danger to your pet’s overall health. Given the harmful chemicals hidden in many fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, sometimes a simple paw-lick is all it takes to negatively impact their health.

To start, conventional fertilizers often contain a noxious mix of phosphorus, nitrogen and other chemicals that at the right dose can be outright fatal to pets, especially if ingested. The more pressing threat, however, is traditional outdoor pesticides. Alarmingly, several types of pet cancers are strongly linked with these products. One study, for example, found that dogs exposed to pesticides commonly used by lawn care services had a 70% higher risk of fatal canine malignant lymphoma.

Herbicide Treated Lawns Increase Risk Of Bladder And Liver Cancer In Dogs

Research published in the journal Science of the Total Environment discovered that “exposure to herbicide-treated lawns has been associated with significantly higher bladder cancer risk in dogs.” Another scary chemical to look out for is allethrin. This pesticide is found in many outdoor products used to treat flying pests like mosquitoes, and it’s been linked with increased risk of liver cancer in dogs. Considering cats absorb more chemicals than dogs due to their grooming habits and more delicate digestive systems, cat parents need to be extra careful around allethrin as well.

Many common products we consider safe—from fertilizers to pesticides—actually contain toxins that can poison our cats and dogs, resulting in illness. Thankfully, by being just a little more conscious, we can help make our pet’s environments safer and much less toxic.

Think about your pet’s well-being after chemical pesticides & fertilizers have been sprayed in your lawn: Your furry friends spend considerable time outside, playing and lying in your lawn, and sometimes even eating its grass.

Effective Non-Toxic Solutions For Your Lawn, Pet And You

Natures Defenders Flea & Tick lawn spray is as natural as it gets!  Our Cedar oil has been tested and used successfully for more than 20 years for its insecticidal properties.  Safe for pets, children and your communities.

Ticks are scary. They pose potentially life-threatening health risks to our families and pets. Especially for pet parents and those who spend lots of time outdoors, it’s essential to safeguard your lawn against these frightening pests.

Taking a few simple precautions can substantially reduce the number of ticks and tick bites you and your pets encounter.

Treat Yourself And Your Pets Without The Use Of Chemicals

Apply Paws & Claws & Evictor to you and your pets before walks, hikes, dog park visits, and other outdoor activities to prevent tick bites. For additional information or to order please go to:  www.cedaroilstore.com

Robert Amarinehttp://www.cedaroilindustries.com
As a father and grand father it is important for me to provide chemical free pesticides and herbicide when ever possible. We can become part of the Solution or remain part of the problem however, unlike 50 years ago, today companies have choices. Remember manufactures stated years ago that pesticides were safe, to only find out today how toxic they really were. Today many companies are making these same comments which frankly "Toxic is Toxic & Less Toxic is still Toxic"
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