ticks on dogs

Ticks On Dogs – The New Environmentally Friendly Solution

At Cedar Oil Industries our mission is to help your community become a “Chemical Free Zone”. We manufacture natural, organic flea, tick & mite solutions for pets & lawns. Our natural pest solutions are derived entirely from Natural extracts that can target and control pest without harming the environment, pets or people.

Today’s pet owners, vets & groomers are searching for green treatments. The challenge is to find an organic product that works. For more than 20+ years our products have stood the test of time. Our goal is to build new partnerships with proactive Consumers, National & International groups who have the same vision and passion for our pets & communities.

This partnership will bring new and exciting biological products as an environmentally friendly way to attain positive results. Our most important concern is our families, pets & natural resources which are all sensitive to synthetic chemicals. If you have an interest in safe and natural solutions that work you can find us at www.cedaroilindustries.com or www.cedaroilstore.com Trusted, Innovative & Visionary!