animal communication

Animal Communication Stories

Big Boston Terrier Mix Monty

Monty was a terrified little guy when I first met him.  A big Boston Terrier mix, he had been in Boston only a few days when his owners hired me to walk him on weekday afternoons. Rescued from the southern United States, it was obvious he was traumatized. I figured he would settle down soon enough. But weeks of walking him in beautiful places like Jamaica Plain Pond  with other happy relaxed dogs had no effect. Every five or ten steps he would suddenly stop walking, look around and sniff the air in all directions; as if he needed to get his bearings in case he was abandoned or something. Moreover, he didn’t react positively to petting, sniff the others dogs, wag his tail, or play.  

I recently attended a Reiki level one workshop and read a book called Reiki for Animals.  I was not a Reiki practitioner yet but the teacher said we were free to practice on friends and family. I wondered if Reiki would help Monty. His owners didn’t seem like they were into energy healing but given how Monty was suffering I gathered my courage and asked. They said yes.

They lived in a multi-bedroom condo in an rambling Victorian down in Jamaica Plain in Boston. One chilly April afternoon after our walk I sat down in their living room and with my palms facing up started to offer Monty Reiki healing energy. Per the advice in the book I didn’t put my hands on him  because the author said the energy could be too strong for animals.  At first Monty walked around the apartment. He went into the hall, a bedroom, back into the living and then into the kitchen to lap up some water. I wondered if it was working at all. Then he came back into the living room and sniffed my hands, a good sign because the book said animals can smell the energy and often do that. Finally he curled up on a cushioned bench under the living room window and appeared to fall asleep.  

Exactly as the book described I could feel him pulling the energy out of my hands, like there was an energy current running between my hands and him!  As time passed I felt a deep connection to him and although it wasn’t in the book I spontaneously started talking to him, not out loud but with my thoughts, telling him this was his forever home, his owner had for years dreamed of having a dog of her own, and loved him very much, using the very words his owner had shared with me.  After about an hour I got up and left. I hoped it wasn’t a total waste of time.

Lo and behold the next day when picked him up for our walk he wiggled his little body and stumpy tail for the first time! On the walk he didn’t sniff the air, not once. He was still stubborn, wanting to stop at trees and bushes he wanted to stop at and not listening to my gentle tugs on the leash, but this was normal behavior; I was just glad to see him sniffing at anything that wasn’t the air. Moreover, he began to take notice and interact with the other dogs and pretty soon was racing around his owners apartment chasing his Kongs and little stuffed animals, leaping like a jumping bean when I arrived for his walks, and melting into my arms when I held him like a baby.  A real love bug!

The Great Dane That Knew He Couldn’t Be Saved

Then I attended a training on animal communication.  That’s when it got really weird and surprising. Because having a conversation with an animal using telepathy is a little like stepping into the twilight zone. The process of “hearing” the animal is subtle; so much so that when I first started I thought I might be making it up, that what the animals were saying was a figment of my imagination.  But then I found out animals often said things I didn’t want to hear. 

For example I talked to a 9 month old great dane who was dying of brain cancer using a picture of the dog.  The owner wanted to know what she could do to save her big puppy and given there were many potentially effective natural approaches and medical interventions I was hopeful. But then the dog told me he could not be saved. Seriously?.I definitely wouldn’t have made that up. Worse, he told me he chose to die young to help his owner learn how to let go. Honestly I hoped I had messed this one up, that I was totally wrong. But when I spoke with the owner she told me another animal communicator she had consulted before me said the same thing. Well at least there was that.

An Abandoned Cat

Animals can also be funny and charming. Like the abandoned cat my friend was trying to help in Asheville North Carolina. The white and grey long haired cat with striking green eyes insistently told me that she was perfectly fine living outside on her own and could fend for herself!  All the while she eagerly gobbled up the cat food my friend left on the porch and slept in the blanket lined box she set out for her. lol. Animals are just as quirky as people.

A Wild Possum

Once a wild possum who took up residence in my friends garage told me she wanted to be called Martha! Not kidding. She was pooping in my friends canoe and scuttling around in the walls disturbing his tenant. When I told the possum that it was very important she find another abode she told me, “I like it here. It’s warm.” Period. Wild animals require negotiation, it wasn’t easy lol. If I needed confirmation that I was really talking with her about half way into our conversation she scuttled out of her hidey hole, stopped a few paces from where I was sitting in the garage and stared at me. Oh my gosh, I’ll never forget that day for the rest of my life. 

What Animals Tell You

Animal communication is never boring!  Fortunately some animals tell me what is wrong with them, what will help, why another cat in the house is attacking them, and what they need to feel more relaxed.  They are just as varied as people — some are very intelligent and have insight into their conditions, others have no idea; some are talkative and quickly answer all my questions, others use pictures and feelings and it takes an hour or more to sort out. 

Tong Ren and Reiki Modalities

These days I’ve added Tong Ren healing to my modalities, a useful option because it is quick and focuses on specific health conditions. That said some animals prefer Reiki or require a different approach or intervention based on a communication. Ultimately animal communication and healing are sacred beautiful processes and I am grateful whenever I have the chance to share them. I have learned to trust the process and to trust that we are all exactly where we are meant to be.