dog drawings

Dog Drawings – Unique And Hand Drawn

I am Nicky Chadwick and I help dog lovers enjoy pictures of their best pals by creating unique, hand drawn portraits.

I have been drawing forever, but it was only when I kept getting requests from pet owners to draw their beloved animals, that I set up this business in early 2019.

I am based in gorgeous West Yorkshire in the UK and love this part of the world.

Dog Drawings From Photographs

I work exclusively from photographs, which allows me to take commissions from all over the world. (the furthest request so far has been from Brisbane in Australia). The clearer the picture, the more detail I can add to the portrait, and usually what I find is that owners send me a few different shots of their dog, and I use all of them to get the right colours for their eyes and coats.

Dog Drawings That Capture Your Dog’s Personality

The main aim for me is to capture your dog’s personality in the portrait, so the more I know about them the better. Are they cheeky, do they have a typical pose or way they look at you? All of that can be captured in the finished portrait and it’s what makes your picture unique.

I consider myself very privileged whenever I’m asked to draw someones gorgeous canine friend, and thoroughly enjoy my job! To find out more about the work I do please visit my website here.

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