Why I Love Animals

I’m so passionate hearing about the love people have about their furry friends.
There’s nothing like hearing their interest stories about the animals in their lives that make them so happy.

In the early 2000’s I took up film production and video editing so when I am hired to photograph the most amazing animals that people live with I’m able to film behind the scenes so I can share the craziness and the best times with the rest of the world. These videos can be seen on Youtube under My Pet Adventures or my name.

Hero Dog That Peed On Owner

One of the best stories I have heard is a little dog I was hired to photograph and the owner was so smitten about him and shared with me the greatest story that touched my heart.
It was early in the morning and the house had caught on fire and the family wouldn’t wake no matter how much his furry friend would bark so out of desperation the little furry friend jumped onto the bed and peed on his masters face waking him up and realizing the house was engulfed with flames grabbed his family and jumped to safety.

Everybody has a story about their dog so please let me help you share it with everybody.