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Husky Breeder Tricia Schmorde’s Credentials

Husky breeder Tricia Schmorde grew up with a love and fascination for dogs from a very early age on. This is her story:

husky breeder
Tricia Schmorde

I volunteered for Veterinarians, Took dog training classes, Studied genetics and methods for breeding and care of dogs. Eventually, after getting a Vet Tech degree I decided my place was not being a Vet Tech, but I wanted to be a dog trainer/breeder. So I studied and attend many dog training classes to learn different methods and philosophies on dog training and breeding.

I started out raising Pugs for about 10 years. Being a difficult breed with a lot of health issues I moved on to the Miniature Bull Terrier. Yet another challenging breed with health issues and C sections every litter. So the timing was everything. I assisted with all the C sections with my Veterinarian. I would do basic dog training on pups I raised with their owners so that they would have a good start with their pup.

My Light Bulb Moment

I eventually got out of the MBTs and went into Siberian Huskies and Shiba Inu’s. I had found my home.I  learned a lot about Neurostimulation and the benefits for both health and brain development and implemented this into every litter I raised. I saw wonderful benefits.


My Brief Hawaii Interlude And Return To Oregon, Siberian Huskies And Shiba Inu’s

I moved to Maui Hawaii for 3 years at this time I took a break from dog breeding/training. The hardest three years of my life. Island life was fun but there was a void. I found myself relocating back to Oregon after three short years and picking up with the Siberian Huskies and Shiba Inu’s. Dakine being my pack name for the love of Hawaii. The Kind is the meaning.

Why Dogs Need To Be Raised Inside The Home

I believe all dogs need to be raised inside the home from start to finish with no exceptions. Neuro development is happening and pups need to be with the mother for at least 8 weeks for proper socialization. I also believe that a husky breeder or for that matter any dog breeder needs a small tight breeding program and all dogs need to be family members in the program. No kenneling.

This is huge for man’s best friend. Kennel dogs do not make good social dogs and what is done in the first weeks of life can not be undone and will have life long consequences. I screen all my potential homes and I mentor everyone through the dog’s entire life. I feel lack of breeder support and lack of breeders raising dogs properly alongside man is the reason so many dogs end up in the pound.

My dogs I closely track and keep in very close contact with those who are now extended pack members. I do things differently than most breeders. But it shows and I have a very huge following. For people are getting more educated about the breeding process and how it affects puppies if they are not raised in a social environment with stimulation to develop the brain. I have been an expert speaker for the Ultimate Dog Summit of 2019.  I feel very honored to have been chosen. Dogs are man’s best friend and being a breeder is a sacrifice if done properly. 

Very Sincerely,

Tricia Of Dakine Huskies & Shiba Inu’s

Top champion AKC bloodlines raised in-home for temperament and outstanding breeding

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