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Surrendered Pets Owners Are Often Left Heartbroken

Regretfully, it’s estimated that 6.5 million cats and dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year.  Many of the pets have had to be given up due to because of hardship, such as losing their home to foreclosure.  Some people become too ill or destitute to be able to care for their beloved pet any longer. And then there are the ones that were lost and never found by their original owner. No matter the reason, the pet parent’s hearts are broken having to surrender their best friend and never knowing what happened to them.  We not only care about cats and dogs, but you can also enter your horse or bird’s data.

Surrendered Pets Owners Questions That Deserve Answers

I have always adopted rescue pets that are several months to several years of age and I wondered how such great, loving pets could be available to adopt.  What was their life story that left them without their first family?  And didn’t their first family wonder whatever happened to their beloved pet?  Had they been put down?  Had they found new, loving homes?  These questions deserved and needed to be answered for them.

How To Mend A Broken Heart

So, we decided something needed to be done to mend those broken hearts and founded Pet Parents Place .  The purpose is to connect the past and present pet parents online for free.  It’s very simple to register on our site; all we need is your name and email address.  Once you’ve entered that, you can then enter your pet’s information that you have such as date of birth, where they were adopted or given up, license number, microchip number, etc.  And upload a photo or two of the pet if you have one.  Then let the system search for possible matches for you.


If after you’ve entered your pet’s information and someone else enters a pet’s information that is a possible match with yours, you’ll receive an email alert from us letting you know.  Then you can go back into the site and take a look at the potential match.

Pet Parents Place website also has other areas worth checking out such as our resources page that has many great links to important information for you.  Our numerous blog posts will help you with subjects as traveling with your pet without stress  We also have wonderful success stories such as a story about a dog that was rescued from a Korean meat farm and is now living happily in his fur ever home  We’d love to hear your happily-ever-after stories! Please send them to us at:

You can also learn more about me and see a photo of me with my rescue Shiloh at 

As noted, our website is free to use so that no one is kept from trying to connect with a past or present pet parent.  For us, that’s the absolute right thing to do and the way it should be.  You will never see any advertisements on our site, either.  When using mobile devices, those ads become obnoxious and run people off from using the site.  That doesn’t work for us.

We look forward to you joining our Pet Parents Place community!


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