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Why Proper Dog Training Is So Important

If you are the owner of a dog or planning to own a one, you must understand the need for giving it proper training. It is difficult to live with an untrained dog. It can bite you or your family members. So if you want your pet to behave the way you want it to, you must give it proper training. You can enroll your dog in the dog training academy. Midway Dog Academy is one reliable academy. It has experience of over 30 years in giving training to dogs.

Step 1 – Behavior Training

First step in dog training is behavior training. In this process the pet learns how to behave with people and other dogs. It is taught good manners.The pet learns how to behave with you in your house.

Step 2 – Obedience Training

The next step after behavior training is obedience training. In this process your pet learns to respond when called. The pet may respond to a particular name or tone of voice. The words of command should be clear so that the pet understands what it has to do. The presence of the owner is a must as the dog has to finally live with the owner.

Step 3 – Activity Training

Another important part of the training process is activity training. In this type of training process the pet learns to perform various tasks on the commands given to it. The tasks include herding, hunting, searching, rescuing, etc. The dogs usually enjoy this type of training. Clicker training is also a vital part of the training. In this part of training the dog is given some eatables whenever it performs a certain task. The pet performs a task on hearing a clicker sound. Consistency is required in this process. If the dog is rewarded once but ignored next time, it will get confused about what it has to do. Praise must be given to dogs each time it performs a certain task.

Some Dog Breeds Learn Quicker Than Others

There are different breed of dogs. Some dogs learn easily while others are slow to learn. Midway Dog Academy is expert in giving training to almost any type of dog. Patience is required in giving training to different breeds of dogs. Punishment can be given to a dog if it does not perform a certain task. But punishment should not be so vigorous that it scares the pet. You should not shout or yell at the dog.

Guard Dog Training

Sometimes people keep a dog at their house to protect them and their surroundings from any criminal activity. So the dogs are taught how to distinguish between guests and criminals entering your house. Dogs are taught how to behave with criminals and prevent any criminal activity.

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