how to get dog to stop barking In Crate

Is Placing A Dog In A Crate Cruel?

Want to know how to get dog to stop barking in crate? And anyway isn’t placing a dog in a crate mean? Canines, being den animals, may in fact like being kept in a den. Dogs at times once burrowed in the ground out in the wild if they wanted to sleep. The question that should be asked is why they bark and whine when in the crate. The simple reason might be that the pet is not accustomed to the crate. He believes that by barking, you’ll let him out. You could potentially stop dog barking by making the crate or any other habitat for your pet pleasant and comfortable.

What To Do If Barking Persists

In the event the barking persists, there are actually additional approaches it is possible to employ to stop dog barking. Attempt to ignore him. Did you know that barking is actually their method to get attention? When they bark persistently and you come to him each time it only encourages the dog to keep on barking. The dog will soon realize that this is a good way me to get attention. So will consistently continue to bark anytime he feels he’s not getting ample attention. When you pay no attention to the dog’s barking he will ultimately give up on it.

Help Him To Relax

Attempt to keep the dog relaxed and engaged. You can do this by placing busy his favourite blankets, chew toys and other items inside the crate. This will help the dog to relax and stop trying to get attention since he’ll be too to notice he’s in a crate. You should place the toys at the back of the crate far from the door. Just remember to not include toys that may harm him such as rawhide. Rawhide can choke your dog.

Positioning The Crate

To stop the dog barking, the crate with the dog inside should be put in a room where there are people. This might be in the corner of the dining room, kitchen or living room giving the dog sight of you. The dog in these kinds of conditions can feel a lot less isolated or less ignored. At night it would be best to place the crate close to your bed where your dog will see you. The dog will see you sleep and know it’s time for him to sleep too.

Get Your Dog Used To The Crate

Get your dog used to the crate. If your dog is not used to crates you need to introduce him slowly to the crate until eventually he adapts. That’s when you will be able to leave him there for a longer periods. You can start by placing him inside briefly every day then gradually increase to a couple hours per day.

Tiring Him Out

Exercise your dog before putting him inside the crate. A dog that is exercised feels tired. This will make your dog want to lie down to sleep the instant he is placed in the crate. A dog that hasn’t had some activity to do the whole day will want to come out and play and therefore will bark to get your attention.

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