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Benefits Of Using Various Dog Training Methods

If you own a dog, it is very important to give your pet proper training. It helps to build a strong bond between you and your pet. Your dog must know how to behave in different situations. A well trained dog will be harmless pet and good companion. It is easier to live with a trained dog. So, you should approach a dog training academy to train your dog.

Behaviour Training

There are various dog training methods and techniques. The first step in dog training is behavior training. In this process your dog learns how to behave with human beings and other dogs. It also includes house training. The dog learns how to behave with you in your house.

Obedience Training

After the behavior training process comes obedience training. In this process your dog learns how to respond when called. The dog learns to respond to a particular name or tone of voice. The dog is taught to respond to certain hand gestures. Your presence is a must while the training process is carried on because finally the dog has to live with you. So you should know which hand gestures or tone of voice your pet understands. The words of command should be clear to the pet so that he learns to behave accordingly.

Activity Training

Another training process includes activity training. In this process your pet learns to perform certain tasks on the command given to it. The tasks include herding, hunting, searching and rescuing etc. There are some other exercises such as jumping or crossing a hurdle. Your pet must learn one exercise completely before moving on to another. Generally dogs enjoy these types of exercises.

The Importance Of Patience

The training process requires patience as there are different breeds of dogs. Some dogs learn easily while it is harder to train other dogs. Another vital part of training process is clicker training. In this process the dog is given some eatables when he performs a task by hearing a clicker sound.

The Fundamentals Of Good Training

Be Consistent And Take A Step At A Time

You must never shout at a dog since this will simply scare the dog. The training process should be consistent. If your pet is rewarded once but ignored another time, it will get confused next time that particular command is given. Training sessions are kept short so that the pet learns to behave under one command efficiently before moving on to another.

Use A Distraction Free Space

Training is given under such environment where there are fewer distractions. Praise must be given to dog during the training process. Dogs are also trained to safeguard your house or yourself from criminals. They are trained to behave under different circumstances and people in general.

Training Your Dog To Guard And Protect

If some human misbehaves with your pet it should know how to deal with him. Some owners own a dog just as to keep themselves and their surroundings safe from any criminal activity. The owner of the pet must give respect to the pet otherwise the dog will try to avoid and run away from you.

After completion of the training process, your pet becomes a safer and better companion for you and society in general.

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