cute puppy videos
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Cute Puppy Videos That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

We have chosen these 3 cute puppy videos for they are the funniest puppy videos we’ve seen. The secret ingredient? The cutest kittens we’ve seen playing with the cutest puppies we’ve ever seen. What could be more entertaining than puppies and kittens wrestling with each other? So here are our top 3 picks of puppies and kittens having fun frolics:

  1. The first puppy video shows a gorgeous German Shepherd Puppy playing with his best feline friend.
  2. Next comes a puppy meeting a kitten for the first time.
  3. The third is a puppy and kitten best friends compilation.


German Shepherd Having Fun Playing With His Best Feline Friend

Who doesn’t like watching videos of puppies and kittens playing together? And let’s face it this German Shepherd puppy called Rocky is just bursting with cuteness as is his best feline friend, Simon. We dare you NOT to laugh at this cuddly pair’s antics!

Will This Puppy And Kitten Make Best Friends?

This delightful video shows puppies and kittens meeting for the very first time. Will they be best friends? Watch and find out as they get to know each other and fight (playfully) like cat and dog!

Puppies and Kittens Best Friends Compilation

Will these puppies and kittens fight like cat and dog or will they be forever friends? Who knows? Well you will when you watch these hilarious videos. This really is a superb collection of canines and felines at play and proves that dogs and cats can make good friends even though they have very different personalities.