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Image by Susanne Koplin from Pixabay

Talking Dogs Videos – Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever had a conversation with your dog? Oh and I almost forgot if so was the conversation conducted in English or dog talk? Look this is no barking matter. If you’re serious about wanting to find out if dogs can talk or no then you really must watch these 5 dog talking videos before making your mind up.

And if you have any evidence that your dog or any other dogs can talk please, please let me know!

This Really Is The Ultimate Way To Torment your Dog

This dog is talking about what he loves most in life – food. Well what dog doesn’t love food? His guardian is having a conversation with him about his favourite food. Unfortunately the conversation is far from friendly and ends in the poor dog crying. This is a must see hilarious video. Don’t miss it! Oh and don’t repeat this at home with your dog otherwise you could get reported to animal cruelty!

Dog Wants a Kitty

This dog desperately wants a kitty but all his owner wants to do is to torment him. Never thought I’d laugh at a dog being tormented but I’m making an exception for this one. Another hilarious conversation between a dog and his guardian which I hope you won’t repeat at home!

Mishka Says “I Want My Mommy!”

Mishka, the Husky isn’t interested in her owner’s love – she just wants her mommy!

Talking Husky Takes Down Alexa

Maya, the talking Husky doesn’t like what Alexa has to say so wuffs Alexa up. I admit that sometimes I’ve felt like doing this. How about you?

Husky Speaks Perfect English Over 30 Times!

Maya The Husky speaks English! Unfortunately she’s a Husky with attitude and constantly argues with her mother. What do you think of her attitude and her English accent?


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