Alfie is a rescue dog from Romania, he was thrown in a shelter with a broken leg when he was 3 months old. His living space was 6ft by 6 ft with dogs barking all around him. He was rescued by a kind man who could not afford an operation for his leg so a rescue stepped in and collected donations to get his leg fixed after a month of pain of having a broken leg. I adopted him but his operation meant he was on cage rest for 2 months while his leg fixed. When he finally came to me he wasn’t using his leg and I took him straight to the vet who did x rays and was told the operation had not worked and he was in pain as the pin was sticking out of his bone so the amputated his back leg. I now have had him 3 years and he’s still scared of a lot of things , people , reactive to dogs , hates loud bangs and objects he doesn’t know , he is hard work but manages on 3 legs , and I adore him. Alfie was rescued by International Animal Rescue. If you’d like to help this non-profit organisation carry on its invaluable rescue and rehoming work please click here.

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