Dog Sitters Services – How To Choose A Dog Sitter

dog sitters services

Dog Sitters Services Abound

Dog sitters services are booming. Hardly surprising when dog walking can prove difficult and time consuming, sometimes all but impossible for owners with busy lives who work long hours each day. We all love our pets and would cherish nothing more than to spend as much time as possible with them, but our lifestyle sometimes make that impossible.

If that is the case, it is probably time to look into a professional dog walker or dog sitter that can help lighten your load! Now- how do you make sure you find the right one?

Check Reputation, References or Recommendations

Check your dog walker’s reputation. The last thing you want is an inexperienced caretaker, a dog walker who has lost animals in the past, or a dog sitter whose care has resulted in injury.

Experience Is Important

Your little niece or nephew may be absolutely adorable and get along great with your pets, but is probably not the best choice for your perfect dog walker. In this case, relying on experience and knowledge is far better than making your selection from friends or family. 

  • How long has your dog sitter or walker been working professionally with dogs?
  • Is he or she educated (college preferred) in canine behavior and social interaction?

Dealing With Emergencies

Talk to the person you choose. Let him or her interact with your dogs, and observe their behavior together. Make sure you ask the professional dog walker or pet sitter of choice how he or she would handle certain situations. Did you provide all necessary emergency contact information in case something does happen? Would this person be able to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations? This should be a given, but does your dog care professional carry a cell phone at all times?

If you are hiring a dog sitter while away, will this sitter have constant access to reliable transportation in case emergency veterinary care is required?

Dog Care Insurance Is Important.

Though it is often overlooked, as the pet industry grows so do care options offered. Several companies or organizations offer pet insurance now! In case the unexpected happens and emergency care is required, you want to make sure your caretaker of choice will be able to afford any type of care required.

You also want to make sure this person is aware they will be held responsible for any injury that occurs during their care. Make sure to get that in writing! On the flip side, avoid contracts stating the individual will not be held responsible for such expenses that occur under their care.

  • Make sure your caretaker reviews and signs a written contract.

Internet Search

With today’s internet, finding dog sitters services couldn’t be easier. Below are listed two convenient dog sitters services directories to help you on your way!

Dog Buddy

Dog Buddy is a UK based dog care service that will help you find dog sitters, boarders and walkers in your area easily and quickly. You can visit Dog Buddy here! lists several advertisements for dog walkers, sitters and groomers (as well as other pets). You’ll find here!


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