Saving Koalas like this mother with it's Joey

Saving Koalas Is Vital

Saving koalas from the bushfires in Australia is vital in the preservation of this endearing species. As you know these bushfires have devastated wildlife and their habitat and none more so than the Koalas in South Australia. Have you seen the TV footage of the various animal charities rescuing these beautiful creatures and removing the thousands of bodies of those that have perished?

Thousands Of Koalas Killed or Injured

If so you cannot fail to be moved at the sight of these poor creatures crying because they have suffered terrible burns. It’s almost too much to bare! There are thousands of them that are currently suffering in this way whilst some try bravely to protect the baby joeys in their pouches. The horror of these sights will stay with me and many others forever as will the touching dedication of the koalas trying to protect their baby joeys.

Saving Koalas Before It’s Too Late

Saving koalas now before it’s too late is especially important since the koala population has been devastated over the last hundred years and is currently under great threat due to urbanisation and massive, uncontrolled habitat destruction. This often leads to the demise of all populations. Of course the terrible bushfires have made things much much worse.

Please Give Generously To AKR

One of the main animal rescue charities that are involved in searching for the stricken koalas and providing medical treatment is AKR based in Adelaide. If you have been moved by the plight of these beautiful creatures please consider making a generous donation to AKR. You can find out more about the wonderful rescue work they do 24/7 and make a donation here.

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